Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Not Much To Say

Imagine that?!
Me with nothing much to say. lolz

I haven't been shopping this week yet.
I usually go out on Wednesday but this happened on Wednesday.......

Woke up to a coating and then about 10 am the skies opened up again.

Not much going on here except........

* We got the taxes done. Go us!  We owe PA and LA states(as usual)so we wait to file those until April but it's all ready to go.  Federal is done and the refund popped into our account today....Rah!
I've got to do the math and deduct what we owe states from what the feds gave us back to see how much we have left of "our" money. I thought we'd owe the feds in 2017 but I guess because our income dropped so much when Hubs retired that they actually took more out while he was working  to offset the little that gets taken out of the annuity payment.  Anyway, we are happy to get so much back. 8-)
Now to figure out where to direct the refund.

*  We have sold the house in LA.....tentatively.  We countered an offer on Monday and they accepted the counter offer.  If all goes as planned we'll no longer own the house before April is over.  Please cross your collective fingers that the financing for these buyers doesn't fall through....please, please, please!!!

*  More snow here.  We are so over it this Winter.  The first full day of Spring and we have gotten 4+ inches so far(forecaster says we may get a little more overnight....sigh).
At least the puppies are enjoying it..........

* Daughter is due to return from a conference in New Orleans tomorrow.  I facebook-ed her that she might want to rethink returning right now but her doggy is enjoying herself.....

This dog LOVES snow....well she's half Husky so there is that! lolz
I put her out tonight and she wasn't back at the door pawing to get back in about a half hour later so I went outside to check on her.  She was at the end of her tie-out lead just laying in the snow staring off into space. lolz  She'd probably still be out there if I didn't call her in.  8-)))

*  I've paid all the bills, except for the electric bill on the LA house which hasn't shown up yet.  I also paid 3 medical bills using the HSA so that didn't come out of the regular income this month.  We also received two quarterly stock dividends and need to deposit those into the bank but are still waiting on the RMSA reimbursement for the healthcare premium.  The finances are looking good so far this month.

*  I still don't feel 100% but I am getting better.  I noticed I developed a bruise on my chest last night when I went to get dressed for bed.  It doesn't hurt but it's darn ugly. lolz

I may try to go out tomorrow.  Hubs is low on milk for his coffee and almost out of coffee filters which is a crisis around here(but not for me except it means I'll have to listen to him whine).



  1. Crossing fingers and toes for you that the house sells! Your "nothing" going on is more exciting than mine. We got 5 inches or so of snow. Another day off for kiddos. Might venture out tomorrow afternoon just to keep my sanity. Starting to get bad cabin fever. :(

  2. Was she staring to the North, her ancestral home? Maybe she was dreaming of how this snow could be permanent if the tie-out lead was longer or not in place.

  3. the dogs sure look like they are enjoying the snow! hope the sale goes through quickly.

  4. So cute that the husky loves the snow. Our Coco loved the snow too. She did not like the heat down here. We've had mild temps around 70 during the day and 50 overnight. Not too bad. I hope that's all the snow you get from now on.

  5. Here, we don’t drink coffee. If we run out of chocolate, that’s a whole other problem!
    We’re supposed to be snow-free for the rest of the week! I am so happy about that! We’ve already had our usual snowfall so bring on Spring! Bummer about you, though!
    Happy to hear your LA. house is sold! One less headache.

  6. For once we aren't getting the snow. The sky is clear, but made for a very cold night. I hope the house sells. I could never be a house flipper. Too much stress. Lol

  7. Okay I will pray that the house stays sold. That hub's gets his coffee filters. and.....

  8. Don't mess with coffee needs of a true coffee lover. I wake up craving it and can be downright nasty without. Finger crossed for the ale to go through.

  9. Teddy loves the snow and would waste all sorts of time on our walks if I let her. She wants to stop-drop-roll every couple of feet. I am done with winter too!

  10. Oh, that is great that you may have sold the house in LA! :)I hope it goes through. I know what you mean about being over the snow. I grew up with it and do not miss it at all. I love the snows in Tennessee as it snows in the morning and is melted by the afternoon. My Dad is back in Illinois, near to Chicago and he is so tired of the snow this year. It's been a long winter for them. I hope you have a great weekend, Sluggy. :)


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