Friday, March 2, 2018

Frugal Friday......March 2nd Edition & Snow!!!

What frugal wins happened this week at Chez Sluggy?

*  A few freebies and cheapies at Rite-Aid that I blogged about already this week....

I also used Bonus Cash to pay for some OTC drugs. Go me!

*  Last Friday I got a free box of facial tissue at Weis............

It was their digital freebie coupon and the coupon actually worked this time!
There will be no freebies for me at Weis today due to the weather.

I started getting an earache late yesterday as this infection didn't get knocked out by the first round of anitibiotics and evidently it's spread to my ear now. ugh.
So I woke this morning to snow..........

This photo was an hour after I shoveled a piece of the deck so Chester could do his business outside.
It's a heavy snow which is blowing and drifting.

The ear was worse and was only going to get even worse if I didn't get something for it.
Daughter had a chiropractor appt. so she dropped me at the Urgent Care before her appt.
Finally got in to see a Nurse Practitioner and yes, it's an ear infection. sigh.
The road through our town was gridlocked going North so we went South and drive on the road behind the main drag to get North.  We sat in Burger King while they got my Rx ready across teh street at Rite-Aid, then drove over there.
Penn DOT got caught asleep at the switch on this storm and the main roads are terrible!  Rite-Aid hasn't plowed their parking lot and we got stuck trying to get out at the drive-through window.  Daughter had to turn the car around and go back through the drive-through window going the wrong way! lolz
Got to the intersection and it was chaos!!  People stopping in the intersection, people going against the light and/or the wrong way down the road.  Still stopped heading North and 5 tractor trailers jack knifed or just stuck.  We almost got t-boned by some idiot turning around a tractor trailer who was partly in the intersection.

After we got through the intersection and heading home........

A line of traffic as far as the eye could see.
Up at the next light where we turn right to get home there was an accident in the intersection where someone was following too close and slide into the truck in front of him.
Often tractor trailers will take the road through our town from I-80 to hook up with I-81 closer to Wilkes-Barre, a shortcut as it where.
Except to do this, they have to take a windy 4 lane highway down a mountain and in bad weather they close that stretch of road(or sometimes don't close it soon enough and shit like this happens).
So yeah........don't come through our town in the Winter in bad weather, especially if you are driving an 18 wheeler.

We got home and you couldn't tell Daughter had shoveled her side of the driveway at all this shit is blowing so badly.  We made it up about halfway on the driveway and parked.  I tumbled out of the car into a snowbank(the snow she had shoveled)and somehow got to the front door.

Got to the dogs and put them out and the snow was right back where it started on the deck. ugh ugh ugh!

I took this photo after moving the snow around again and off the deck.  Just looked out the door and it's all right back where it was.
You are on your own Chester........lolz

I am off to take more antibiotics and crawl back into bed.
It's suppose to keep snowing and blowing until late tonight.
Somebody wake me when this is over.....



  1. Wowzers! When it rains, at your house, it pours! It’s been about twenty-five years since i’ve had an ear infection. (Double) They are not nice! I hope it starts feeling better soon!

  2. So sorry about the ear infection. They hurt!
    I could be really obnoxious right now and tell you it is sunny and gorgeous here with trees and azaleas blooming, but I won't.

  3. The flu/virus season has hit hard this year. I always get a flu shot and tend to not even get a cold but not this time. I missed 4 days of work and still had a horrible cold and cough for about a month. Take care and be careful in the snow.

  4. I live vicariously through your savings and freebies. We don't have as many choices in stores. Hope you feel better soon, ear infections get painful quick.

  5. Oh sweet Sluggy.... If I could, I would be there to take care of you. Hugs!

  6. Oh need to get better!

    Our side of the state fared better than yours. Just nasty winds that blew the downspout off of the gutter and I had to chase after it into the street, barefoot, in my pj's, in the dark. Lol.

  7. Oh, Slugs I am so sorry. Ear aches are no fun at all. Plus that trip must have scared you to death. Get well my friend


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