Friday, December 1, 2017

Frugal Friday.....December 1st Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had this past week.

* I received a $5 rebate check for buying some vitamins in October.

This was part of those Huggies diapers/TRU gift card Deals.  This $5 cash back puts me at $2.49 in PPs spent down total for a ton of suff I got and once I sell all those packs of diapers I'll be at least $77.51 CASH in the black plus have all that stuff I bought as part of that Diaper Deal back in October.

* Remember the coffee grinder I wanted to buy on Amazon for Hubs for Xmas?  Well I got this........

An Amazon Prime Visa card.  It came with a $70 Amazon credit and there is no annual fee to have the card.  I applied said credit toward the purchase of the coffee grinder (since I was going to buy it on Amazon anyway)so with tax(free shipping)the grinder will only cost me $14.76 OOP.

Before anyone says it's a bad idea to get a credit card just for a free credit on it(which ordinarily I'd agree with you on that but).....1-I have been considering getting a second credit card for awhile now since we only have one card now and we've had an issue in the past with that card company freezing our card when we were on vacation(not fun).  A back-up card, since we will be traveling some in retirement, is a wise move. And 2-I am someone who can tuck a credit card away and NOT USE IT.  Getting into credit card debt is not something that will happen to me after 30+ years of handling credit responsibly.  ;-)

* I got a baker's dozen of Panera bagels this week and it didn't cost me anything.  I used a free with credit card points gift card to pay and I still have $36.02 left on that gift card.

* Remember this coupon Weis sent me?...........

I used that 10% off when you buy a Mastercard or Visa debit gift card Weis(PMITA)Markets this week before it expired and purchased a $100 Mastercard debit gift card.

I paid $95.95 for that $100 M/C with the $5.95 "fee" Visa/Mastercard charges for them so once I use the $100 on that card I'll have saved $4.05(Value of card-Cost of card+Activation Fee)total.   Not a big "win" but $4.05 free is $4.05 free.

I also earned 20 Weis Points for "spending" $100 at Weis.

Weis has a similar Xmas Deal, a free ham/turkey/large lasagna/etc. for 50 Points, like they had at Thanksgiving.
So I just need 30 more points to earn a meat or lasagna freebie for Xmas.
I may transfer 3 rxs to the Weis pharmacy that need refilling this month before the Free Meat promo ends.  Each rx will earn me another 10 Points so I don't technically have to spend any money at Weis to get the free ham.
Or if I use the whole $100 on that card at Weis I can potentially earn another 20 in Points toward the free meat deal.
Any way this works out for me it will be Sweet!

*  I got all this at Rite-Aid during the 4 Day sale........

$65.67 in Plenti Points were spent and $61.00 in new Plenti Points were earned so I "spent down" my PPS by $4.67 and in return brought all this home--
* 4 shave creams
* 1 lotion
* 5 baby wipes packs
* 10 lip balms
* 2 Tummy Zen
* 4 Hydralyte tablet packs
* 18 candy bars

Not bad for $4.67 in Plenti Points.
Lots of stocking and giveaway box stuffers! 8-)))

* While I don't "do" Black Friday(other than Rite-Aid)I did go online Saturday night and purchase a few things from Kohl's(3 shirts and a sweater)and that all qualified for free shipping.  Besides the sale prices on the items, I used 2 different discounts totaling $23.40 off, my $8 anniversary credit and earned $15 back in Kohl's cash.  I also earned $2.70 from the cash back site I went to the site through.
I am not one to advocate shopping until you drop, but sometimes you have to buy things.  So why not squeeze every discount out when you open your wallet?  ;-)

*  And just so you don't think my life is a perpetual frugal love fest here, check this out..........

These are teeny tiny Yankee Candle brand candles.  They were a "door buster" item I got at Boscov's(a local/regional department store)the weekend before Thanksgiving when Hubs and I went there to get some flannel sheets that were a good buy.  With any purchase you were "allowed" to buy up to 2 of these candles for $1.99 each.  The photo in the ad was quite deceptive and made these look like larger Yankee Candles.  Plus they had them hidden behind the register counter so you couldn't smell/inspect them beforehand.
Nope, they are tiny. lolz
I thought I was getting a "deal".
Ummm, no!  But they do smell nice.....

So what frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Tell us all about them.

And remember.............



  1. You definitely are the woman who can handle another credit card and use it wisely so good for you on the amazon card deal. In Canada they don't permit stores from giving points or deals for any prescriptions (they used to) so we just try and find the cheapest pharmacist.

  2. No shopping wins-no shopping really this whole work week. I will do some this weekend as I have baking so need to heck where the best deals are.

  3. I can hold a credit card forever and not use it. One time, I was threatened with cancellation if I did not use a cc. Since I discovered the Publix freezer area where they put reduced items, I have regularly shopped that freezer for some deals on frozen soup. I had to limit my purchases because of the tiny freezer about my refrigerator.

  4. Nice deals especially on the debit card. My small frugal wins are on my blog.

  5. Mom's credit card was cancelled because s did ot use it.

  6. I agree about getting a 2nd credit card. Happened to me one year, buying 2 big ticket Christmas gifts. Worked on the first, but not approved on the 2nd purchase. Thankfully I had a debit card with me (I never use debit cards, except to get cash at ATM).

    At RA, I got 2 Hydralyte, 4 Carmex and $50 Kohls gc. Used $18.34 PP and earned $24 PP. Paid cash for gc.
    Should get $5 Hydralyte (Savingstar) and hopefully 75c Carmex (Ibotta)

    3 Pantene, 4 Crest, 1 Dawn, Charmin tp, Oreo Milka.
    Had a 5/25
    Used $13.34 EBs and earned $10 CVS cash card
    Paid $1.73 oop
    Should get 45c Oreo (Ibotta)
    Also earned a $3 Beauty EB

    The cash card will now be used to cover my OOP sales tax. Unlike RA, CVS rewards cannot be applied to tax :(

    I still have $25.50 EBs to use.

  7. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I agree with you about having 2 major credit cards. I got some baking deals today at Meijer so am ready to do holiday baking now. :)

  8. I think everyone should have 2 major credit cards. When we travel TheHub carries one and I carry the other. If either of us loses one or has one stolen the other person will have a different one as a back-up. We do make sure we use the alternate card once a month for something small just to keep it active.


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