Saturday, December 30, 2017

December 26th Festivities

Besides hitting up Rite-Aid and Weis on the Day after Christmas, I made an early dinner/late lunch.

I usually make a special dinner on New Year's Day but since eldest son was leaving on Dec. 27th I made it on Tuesday the 26th.

Eldest had been in a long term relationship until the end of Summer this year with a woman who is deathly allergic to shrimp.
One of Eldest son's most favorite foods is shrimp so he hasn't been able to have it in years(since he use to always eat with his ex-fiancée).
So I whipped up a huge plate of shrimp tempura and fries.

Later the day we went to a new brewpub.....

Benny Brewing Company

Cute logo glasses

It still feels weird that all my kids are now of legal drinking age and I drink with them. lol

By the time the giant pretzel got to the table I was loopy!

But I kept up with my beer guzzling family until I had that 10% ABV Bourbon barrel aged chocolate stout.
Oh my.......

The crab bisque was very good....spicy but good.

I don't want to even THINK about how high the bill would have been had we not gone during Happy Hours. lolz

Nice try at a selfie outside the pub.  Daughter purposely jumped out of the frame before I snapped the photo.  She is a big shit sometimes......

The next day around noon Eldest drove home..........

I guess 5 days with us was more than enough for him.  He had plans for New Year's(hot dates!)and also wanted some down time back at his place in VA.  He's a high school teacher and has to report back Jan 2nd.

That's the end of our 2017 holiday festivities at Chez Sluggy.
Now I am in clean up/clear out mode.

How about you?



  1. Nice flight of beer you have there! Yum! My brother and nephew are quite the beer connoisseurs so we spent Christmas day testing out a number of local craft beer. And yet still had an appetite for a turkey dinner :)

  2. I really enjoyed all your holiday posts! Looks like you all had a blast! Our festivities are pretty much wrapped up. New Years is pretty quiet for us. Stay home and eat and drink. We may have one extra guest this year. I've been slowly putting away Christmas decor and trying to find homes for all our new gifts--not easy. Not looking forward to the kids going back to school :(

  3. I notice they all smile now, not just when they have been drinking. That fact alone must be nice for you. I still have to get the new crockpot out of the box and washed so I can cook blackeyed peas. oh, yeah, and I need to go to RA to get my points used that the register refused to take yesterday.

  4. Sounds like a nice time was had my all. We have kept it on the down low around here and I don't go back to school until January 4th, so a few more days to chill out.

  5. I'm partial to trying flights at brew pubs. I am a basic kind of beer person so to spend full price to try a beer is not great for me. Big pretzels are my favorite bar/pub food. Our local has an off the menu one you need to ask about. We order after VB on girls night and all of us eat heartily from it. My big kids left the 27th as well. I miss them, but I guess that is what makes it special having them home.

  6. I am not a huge beer fan, so brew pubs don't work well for me unless they have a bar as well because I am a pretty big fan of a good vodka martini.
    People left here the 28th and 29th so now it is just TheHub and me to do the cleaning, storing and an absurd amount of Christmas junk packing. I am amazed at how much Christmas stuff I put out just for the sake of a 4 year old. Y'all all decorate 4 or 5 trees right?

  7. I totally get the weird drinking with your kids thing. We determined this Christmas that next year Dad is no longer footing their liquor Christmas bill, they are on their own for that part. Glad your son can enjoy shrimp again, what a good Mom you are

  8. I leave in the AM to head back to the U.P. I’ve been staying with our youngest son near Detroit and enjoying every minute. We went to the DIA, used bookstore and a thrift store or two. Plus, he lives near a store that sells close-to-date foods and better meat prices than I can get at home. So, i’m taking two coolers and numerous bags of food back with me. (A usual occurrence.)
    On Christmas morning, we made it to a second sons home to watch the grands open their gifts.We got colds from the grands so I missed seeing several old friends because of it. I hope I can connect with them on the next trip. Otherwise, this was a great trip! I haven’t left and i’m Already looking forward to the next visit.

  9. You are too funny, love the family get together at the pub.


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