Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Card Shower Report

Ok, here is the list of card senders and cards I have received that went out in the package to Sonya this morning......(I waited an extra day and am glad because 3 cards came in on Tuesday)......
S Steiner
D Hartwick(2 cards)
Anne-New Happenings at the Table and Whatever
N Alexander
Cheap Chick-Living Rich on the Cheap
Jen-Absolutely Sweet Chaos
R Davis(2 cards)-Living Better One Day at a Time
American Dreamer-Frugal Things Every Day
Jen G.
Lorraine-We are Clamco
Jane-Crabapple Landing
Deb G.

CTMom-CT on a Budget
Linda-Practical Parsimony
Rivulet-$12 a Day
Jackie in CA
Email from Janie
Email from Angie
Hawaii Planner-The Hawaii Plan
Michelle D. in SC

That's a big pile of love so thanks for doing this for her even with all the stuff going on in everyone's life during the Holidays.

Someone who has her mailing addy wrote her so we didn't get to surprise her with this unfortunately.  She went and saw the post on my blog. *rats*
Sonya said this........

"I just wanted to say I love you. I got a card yesterday from XXXXXX. I knew that was you. And I saw the post. You really care. Thank you. You have no idea how much just knowing you have my back helps. 
Please tell everyone thank you for the concern. It's helps....."

Maybe I should have tucked some Kleenex in the package too because she's going to need it, right?  ;-)

Back later to recap our Christmas before turning my sights on the New Year.  8-)



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