Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Random Stuff Lately

Let's see.....

*  The "spare" car(the one CB drives when he is home)konked out before we left on our trip.
The battery died apparently so Hubs recharged it.  It ran fine the day before we left when Hubs took it for a spin.
Then when we got home from IL Hubs tried to take it out to get a Sunday paper and the battery was dead, again!

Then Hubs recharges the battery again and takes the blasted car up to the auto shop and they can't find anything wrong with it.  The battery is now holding a charge and no other electrical system item is draining the battery.
So Hubs says to just replace the battery and do the inspection that is due.
The auto shop checks the paperwork and this battery was 6 days past being in warranty.
Well we are just good customers for so long here that the auto shop guys replaces the battery for free.

So far so good it's still running and we are only out the cost of the yearly inspection.
I thought going in this would be an expensive repair but it didn't turn out that way.

*  This is the state of the Candy Supply on the morning after Halloween.  I had two mostly full gigantic bowls and now we are down to 1 bowl plus a little bit.
We had hardly any ghouls at the door wanting candy last night.  It's a good thing I didn't buy tons of candy, huh?
It would be such a shame to have to eat all that stuff myself. lolz
We were the only house on the cul de sac with their porch light on giving out treats.
I guess all the families here are older now with no kids left at home or older teens.
I think this will be our last Trick or Treating Season.

*  We got lots of work done around here this weekend.  Hubs raked leaves, got the garden mostly put to bed, did some housekeeping in the garage, put all the deck furniture away, cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer, my desk drawer and I cleaned the door shelves in the fridge(I spilled an entire bag of walnuts on them so sort of HAD TO clean them then. lolz).

Now it's on to cleaning out a couple of boxes in the living room and getting some things on eBay.

*  There is a woodpecker here that has fallen in love with our vinyl siding.......
I can't get this stupid bird to leave our house alone!   Hopefully he will realize it's vinyl and stick to the trees in the yard.

*  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is less than a month away now and we have to pick up College Boy in 3 WEEKS for the holiday.
Then it's back 2+ weeks later to pick him up for Winter break until late January.
Didn't we just drop him off for this semester?
Where does the time go???

*  The weather here this week is crazy warm for November.  Highs in the 70's the next few days
This is November in Northern PA!?!
I will have the windows open this week for the last gasps of fresh air until Spring 2016.....

Another good thing is that the heat is NOT ON....in November!
I'll take the savings where I can get them.

*  I heard from a childhood friend yesterday I haven't been in contact with since 2007.  She had been on my mind strongly when the calendar rolled over into October.  She isn't online at all and the only number I had for her was a 20 year old landline but her daughter I knew was on FB, but I couldn't remember her married surname.  It finally came to me right before we went on vacation and I sent her a friend request.  When we got back from our trip she had "friend-ed" me so I asked her if her mom was still living at the addy I had for her.  She went on to give me her new phone number and let me know that my friend's husband had died the beginning of October.  I never met her husband George. They were married 10 years.  This was my friend's third spouse(divorced x 1, widowed x 2).
No wonder she was on my mind earlier in the month......

So I called her last week but it went to voice mail.  She called me back yesterday and we talked for a long time.  She's doing good despite life events and she's contemplating relocating to a different part of the country.  I invited her to visit here anytime and the next time I am down in VA I'll make a point of getting over to see her.

*  In Rite-Aid news......I'll be returning to Rite-Aid to do some shopping during their Black Friday sales.  I don't have enough Plenti Points to just buy all the freebies they'll be offering in one fell swoop(on either of our Plenti/Wellness cards)so I'll buy half and go back the next day and get the other half of the freebies once the points kick in.
Speaking of freebies everything offered is really low cost items this year there for BF.  It's disappointing.  I'd like it better if they offered less freebies but of higher cost/value and more the things I need.
And again this year those Philips ear buds offered as a freebie......really?  These have been a BF Deal freebie for something like 6 years now!  How about some different items howaboutit?

The only coupons(which after points would turn these freebies into moneymakers)so far I can find for any Freebie Deals are for Clean & Clear shampoo.  If you go HERE and sign up for email offers you'll get to print 2 copies of a $1/1 shampoo coupon.

The other Rite-Aid new is that they are being bought up by Walgreen's.  Of course this is a big merging(making them the biggest combined drugstore chain in the US)so it will take eons to do this deal, thus stores won't be consolidated and/or closed for a long time yet so no immediate worries on your drugstore shopping plans.
But they will be forced by industry regulations to close or sell-off between 500 and 1000 stores.

There is no doubt that Rite-Aid stores will close around here.  R-A is Harrisburg, PA based so there are many many stores in this region.
Just in my area there are 3 Wags and 10 R-A stores which when combined as Wags stores would over-saturate this area.
If they rebrand the R-A stores then mine will become a Wags but it is in no danger of closing as there is no nearby Wags to compete.

Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out but I am NOT looking forward to dealing with the Walgreens system of offers/deals/rewards.  I may have to go back to CVS hounding again.  bleh.
Plus all those Rite-Aid employees will have to learn the new Wags Points and Rewards systems and there will undoubtedly be problems and issues for customers.
double bleh.

*  My laptop is having issues.  It may be time to "put er down".
Being able to get online comes and goes these days and accessing my email program is spotty at best. I am trying to get it running better but if I throw it through the window in frustration give up I might be looking at purchasing a new machine soon.
As of November my laptop is closing in on 3 years old.  I got it right after my dr. tried to kill me back in Feb. 2013.

So if I don't update in a timely manner(for me)that's probably why I am not around.  I can jump on Hubs laptop to check my web based email so if someone needs to contact me try my "slugmama atyahoo dotcom" email instead of the email linked to my blogger account until my world is back in balance.

*  As for the money here--things are going swimmingly(except for maybe having to buy a new computer).  3 paychecks in October did good things for our bottom line.  Just trying to keep as much of the money that comes in from going back out again. ;-)  Eating from the freezer this month, keeping the heat off while it's unseasonably warm, staying out of the stores(or online)to shop for entertainment and jumping back on eBay at the Holidays to make a little extra change all help in that regard.

What's up in your world?



  1. I have gone on a dehydrating jag!

    When I heard about RA and WAG, I wondered how that would affect your bargains.

    I don't understand why you cannot check any email on another computer.

    It's hot here still, up in 70s, too hot not to use ac.

  2. What a great post!
    No heat on here yet either. Isn't it nice?
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out your woodpecker??!!! Is he actually pecking at the siding? Normally, I don't believe in reincarnation, but it DID cross my mind. I've known some folks who deserve to come back as a woodpecker surrounded by vinyl---heck, I was married to one, but that was a lifetime ago.

    As for dueling drug stores, I miss the old Walgreen system. What was it called-jingle bucks or something? The problem with their Balance Rewards system: 1)the customer must remember to ask for redemption prior to checker's first stroke of the keys, and 2) my WG will NOT allow redemption if I'm purchasing any sale items. Well nuts, I don't buy at WG unless I'm getting sale items. I'm wondering if this is policy everywhere? I live in the middle or nowhere and only have one WG. Daughter prefers CVS system.

    Gotta tell you that I teared up that you felt the urge to contact your old friend exactly when she probably needed it most. God works in mysterious ways...

  4. I barely ever shop Wags. They became less than my favorite when they got rid of the good rewards program. I do CVS some, but a lot of my HBA comes from Family Dollar now.


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