Saturday, November 28, 2015

November Food Budget....Spending Update for This Week

I went into this week with $56.12 left in my $300 November Food Budget.

On Monday I hit Maine Source for onions, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, mushrooms, butternut squash, a gallon of apple cider and 2lbs of mozzarella cheese for $29.68 OOP, a savings rate of 41.23% over reg. retail.

I then hit the local Shursave market for celery, 1 gal. of milk and 5 bags of assorted Hanover frozen veggies(.99¢ a bag!).  This all cost me $10.23 OOP, a savings rate of 44.50% over reg. retail.

And on Saturday I went back to Shursave to get more frozen veggies, ginger ale, ice cream, a can of "glop" and canned yams and spent another $12.12 OOP, a savings rate of 55.42% over reg. retail.

Total spending this week was $52.03 on $96.12 worth of reg. retail groceries and a savings rate of 45.87%.
And I have $4.09 left in my November budget, even with the $28.42 I spent on food bank donations I stayed under target.
Yay me! 8-)

I am done grocery shopping for this month.  Tuesday we start December(geez, already?!?)and I'll be back then with my November Food Spending Totals.



  1. What is glop? I've never heard of that. Good savings rate!

    1. That jellied cranberry stuff, we call it cranberry "glop". lolz

  2. You have done a fabulous job with the food spending and saving. Maybe you could write a post on how you have evolved with your savings tactics. I just know you did not just come at this level of savings while eating well from the beginning of this frugal journey.

    By the way, Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries seem to be in short supply.

  3. Good deals! I love the Yukon gold potatoes. They smash up so good after they are baked and taste like butter. A little salt and pepper is all they need.

  4. Great deals! I spent a lot in my grocery store points this month or never would have been anywhere near on target, but there is a reason I saved them for end of November/December when they were truly needed.

  5. After December, I'm getting back on the frugal wagon. I'm making myself nuts worrying instead of fixing the problem. Mind you, what makes me worry wouldn't even be a thought to spenders. LOL


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