Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Food Bank Shopping

Saturday saw Hubs and I go down to the town South of here to exchange 1 pair of the jeans I bought him the day I went to the movies.  I inadvertently picked up 1 pair the wrong size. sigh.

But that's all taken care of and though I tried to talk him into other new clothes while in the department store(they were having a good sale on basics)he resisted.  I did however talk him into getting a nice Winter fedora to wear to work and when going out.  It was half-price and a mite better than that dopey bucket hat(I call him "Gilligan" when he wears it lolz)he wore all Summer/Fall.
We also picked up a couple of Christmas presents while in that store that I can't tell y'all about just in case someone is reading this. '-)

Then we went over to Big Lots! because I like the one in this town more than the 1 in Wilkes-Barre.
I found some things to pick-up here including some more food for the food bank donation.
6 bottles of ketchup for .60¢ each.  $3.60 OOP for the ketchup.

We bought a few foodstuffs as well.

Then after lunch out(finally getting to use that gift card we didn't the other night for dinner)Hubs came home and took a nap and I hiked up to Weis(PMITA)Markets to do the Mega Deal........

The Mega Deal was buy an assortment of 10 particular included items and get $5 off Instantly.
I had Betty Crocker coupons to pair with this deal......

6 x BC cake mixes $1.19 each.
4 x BC potato casseroles  $1.19 each.

$11.90-$4 in coupons=$7.90-$5 instant discount=$2.90 OOP for all 10 boxes.

Now before I get comments that boxed taters and cake mixes aren't nutritious, even people who don't have enough money for food still like to have treats like the rest of us.  8-)
And condiments are always on the wish list at our food bank so this ketchup will be gratefully accepted too.

I was going to get mayo as well. Hellman's is $1.47each wyb2 after sale/qs this week at Weis but I forgot 1 of my coupons for it.  I found it in the garbage when I got inadvertently got throw out with the paper scraps. 
So I'll be going back for 6 jars before the sale ends on Wednesday.

I also picked up 2 jars of low sodium pickles $2 on sale and a box of facial tissue(.94¢after Weis Catalina Q I had that expired on Sat.) for our stockpile.

$7.90(.06¢tax)OOP, $2.90 for the food bank stuff and $5 for pickles and tissue.

So here is everything I have as of now for the food bank........

From the last 2 weeks I've gotten 8 laundry detergent, 6 ketchup, 8 tuna, 6 cake mixes and 4 boxed potatoes. 
I also have from earlier this year--5 barbecue sauces(were free), 6 boxes of organic mac and cheese(almost free), 3 boxed rice mixes(almost free, 4 cans of chunky or home style soups(about .50¢ can).
I have 4 boxes of tampons and 4 boxes of pads which were bought quite awhile back(also free at Rite-Aid and CVS)that Daughter never used so they get put into the pile.

I'll glean a couple of bags of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant and shampoo from the Toiletries room this week to throw into the mix.
Still to buy are mayo and mustard and maybe something else if there is a deal in the Weis ad that starts on Thursday and this lot will be finished off.

With the mayo I have yet to purchase this week I've spent $37.24 from my November food budget on this donation.  The other food items bought in the last couple of months add on another $5+/- so this all "cost" me $42.24.  Retail value is much MUCH more than this.
By shopping strategically and over a few months I can get food/toiletry items wanted by food bank clients and not blow up my budget.
Just picking up a good deal here and there helps so much.  You don't have to be wealthy to afford to donate food.  It just takes some time and effort of which I have plenty.  If you can't take the time to shop for food for donations give in other ways--write a check.  If you are young and healthy, go volunteer at your local food bank.  It all helps.

And that's my exciting Saturday.



  1. I just sent off my check for philabundance (our local food bank).

    spouse is taking a big bag o food into his office tomorrow to help collect 1 million pounds of food for the needy in our area (sponsored by a local radio station).

    1. I like to give locally too when I know it stays in the area, no matter which form it takes.

  2. Excellent Sluggy! Food Shelves often make up birthday packages so families can celebrate their children's birthdays with cake, so I know the mixes will be appreciated.

    1. I figure they can use treats as well as anybody. I just can't bring myself to buy and donate those tubs of frosting however as it's full of nasty oils. I'd rather eat cake w/out myself but it's not hard to take a little powdered sugar and butter and make icing.

  3. Good job on the food bank haul. Those are good prices.

    I will donate one can of food to the library to pay my $0.40 fine for an overdue book. There is a friend to whom I give food instead of to a food bank.

  4. That looks like a great batch of food to donate!

  5. Fantastic donation!!! Some back somewhere is going to be so happy. I am such a proponent of Food Banks. I used to volunteer at one but their system changed and now they rely on the people who use it to do the volunteering. (I actually do like the idea of reciprocity, since it becomes a hand up rather than hand out. According to them the people who use it like it better also. I think it helps their dignity, which is a huge plus.) Now I just donate goods, but they have to have the goods also.

    1. The reciprocal volunteering thing is like Habitat for Humanity. I think most folks appreciate something more they work for rather than having it handed to them. I know I'd value it more.


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