Sunday, September 20, 2015

Recent Visitors to Chez Sluggy & I Suck...Again!

September has seen three visitors to Chez Sluggy.

First off, Kim, from Out My Window Blog, and her Hubs, Joel, stopped by for an overnight stay while they were touring the East Coast.
I think they fit me in somewhere in between Colonial Williamsburg and the Liberty Bell in Philly. ;-)

Anyway, they arrived mid afternoon and we sat and talked and talked......

I do believe some of y'all ears must have been burning that day because of our chattering. lolz
Yes, we solved everyone's problems and the world's as well in one afternoon of our think tank least in our heads.  ;-)

With my foot issue I wasn't up to taking them around to sightsee here(not that there is much to look at that is noteworthy anyway)so we just sat and entertained ourselves.  Eventually the party moved to the back deck since the weather was so nice that day.

Then Hubs came home from work and we talked and talked some more.
And soon it was time to go out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.
It was a delightful evening full of good eats and good conversation and no one was harmed in the fight for table rolls.  ;-)

After an evening spend in the "Toiletries Room", Kim and Joel supped on a homemade breakfast supplied by moi, and then they were out the door South to Philadelphia for another jam-packed day of touring.

But before they left I made them take a "selfie" with me......

This was Joel's first ever selfie.
Gee, I am honored to be his "first". hehehe

Then they were gone in a flash.  I gave them a jar of my secret special recipe pepper relish(I hope they got it on the plane without any trouble)and Kim brought me this..........

20 lbs. of fudge!
What little I've had was yummy but I do think she bought it for herself but then had remorse about all those calories and the sugar and decided to regift it. lolz
That's ok, it won't go to waste here....unfortunately.  8-P

It was great to finally meet y'all in person!
And I can say for a fact that Kim is a tad over 4 feet tall and a ball of non-stop energy......where does she get it from???  I haven't a clue....unless it's all that fudge. 8-)

Then at the end of that week my Daughter arrived for a week long visit late Sunday night.
My foot was not improving by then so it really cut down on what we got to do together while she was here.

Monday Hubs was off so he and the Daughter took a ride to Nimble Hill Brewery/Winery in Tunkhannock PA for a tasting and they brought home some growlers of goodies.

We had a Labor Day cook-out/eat-in later that afternoon.......

Daughter and the Hubs "cooked" and I just ate for a change.  That was certainly different.

Nothing fancy just burgers, dogs, beans and grilled yellow squash.  Mostly stuff I already had here so no shopping required.

On Tuesday Daughter left to spend a couple of days out in Western PA with her summer camp friends, plus a side trip to Rochester NY to see another of her camp friends.
I think she enjoyed the break and these are people she hasn't seen since moving to Louisiana 2+ years ago.

On Thursday she was back by dinner time and we had some deep conversations into the night.

On Friday, since my foot was still hurting, she carted me to the doctor's appointment.
Afterwards we had lunch at Red Robin(I had a gift card left to use up.)and then she carted me up to the hospital for two more ultrasound tests on my foot.

That evening Hubs took us to Breaker Brewing and they each did a flight of craft beers......

I had a glass of this one......

I don't even remember what it was but it was dark and rich, like I like my men.  ;-)

Then we ordered Panini for dinner.  Mine was turkey breast, smoked gouda and blackberry jalapeno jam.  Daughter got that one too and Hubs got something with an assortment of Italian meats on it.

I must say that the food has improved by leaps and bounds since that first weekend they served food and I got that greasy, oily soggy potato mess that still makes me nauseous to think about it!

A "turtle pose selfie" with the donkey out front and then a proper picture of my drinking companions.

Saturday the activity was the Oktoberfest at Berwick Brewing.
We got there at 1 and the activities didn't start until 3.  Oh well.....they was still craft beer to enjoy, right?, so all was good.

More flights of beer for both Hubs and the Daughter........

The piece of wall behind them had album covers from actual vinyl records covering it.  I think I checked and I have/had owned about 9 of the ones on that wall.

I had my usual brew, Grumpy Bill's Porter. 

Saturday the weather was rainy all day so it pretty much put a kybosh on partying in the Bier Garden outside at Berwick.........

A root beer chaser for my Porter as is usual.

We decided not to eat at Berwick this time so we headed out after a couple hours......

The requisite "family selfie" before leaving.

We headed over to Christo's a Greek Diner for a late lunch as I had a gift certificate to use.  I had a massive Greek Salad, Hubs had the Spanakopita platter and Daughter had the Gyro platter.  Mmmmm!

Afterwards Hubs wanted to go to the K-Mart next door to look for some organizing things for his workbench supplies.  Gotta put all those loose nuts, bolts and screws somewhere, right?

So I hopped on the electric cart thingy and set about leaving a path of destruction behind me in K-Mart.
I don't understand why the store had this electric cart for disabled shoppers yet put displays and bins out in the aisles and made the pathways around shelving so tight that you can't possibly drive this thing without bashing into all their merchandise!

I may have knocked a whole row of underwear off a display, a shelf of plastic containers off an end cap and I may have toppled a display of cases of Pepsi.  It has been reported but I can not confirm nor will I deny the rumours.  lolz

And it didn't help that I had had ONE BEER and the Daughter had to keep telling me how if a cop was here he would have most certainly issued me multiple DUIs due to my reckless electric cart driving.  ;-)

While forging my path of destruction in the K-Mart, I passed the vacuum cleaner section so I decided this was the perfect time/place to buy a new vacuum.

We selected a less than sturdy model(all plastic parts!)and took it to the register to find out it was on sale for the bargain price of $59.99(+ tax).  Not wanting to spend a king's ransom on a new sucky machine I bought that baby home.  It was a Kenmore so how bad could it be?

My new toy, well, once the foot was well enough to let me use it......

The first thing I did was use it on the short-pile throw rug in the upstairs hallway......

My expensive Oreck vacuum was so bad(I had vacuumed this rug not a week early with that Oreck)that this is what the new sucky machine picked up on that little 5x7 rug.......a full container of filth.

Look at all that nastiness!!!
There is probably 3 years of dog hair and dirt/dust in that thing!(And our dogs have been dead for at least a year now. lol)

And the black border around the edge of the rug was BLACK again!  It has been so long since it was clean enough to see, that I had forgotten it wasn't light gray. lolz

The next morning, Sunday, at dark o'thirty Hubs took Daughter back up to the airport for her ride home to Louisiana.

We never did get to the casino(stop crying Sonya Ann!)while Daughter was home.  The casino is only 15 minutes away from my house and has been there for what? 3, 4 years now, and I have yet to step foot inside.
Oh well....maybe next time.

It was good to have the Daughter home for a visit since she left 2+ years ago.  Not so good was writing that check to pay for her plane ticket.  ;-)
She's got lots going on in her life right now and has many decisions to make so I hope our chats help her make the choices that will be the best for her.

It's nice to have a couple of weeks with stuff going on and visits from family and friends.
I treasure those times.

Now it's back to the boring same old, same old here at Chez Sluggy.




  1. And that was a week where you were mostly bedridden! Sounds like you at least got some visiting in :)

  2. Oh wow, sounds like you've had several good visits from both your daughter and Kim & Joel. Love your new vacuum, what a great price. I want to replace mine because it is so heavy that it makes me tired to vacuum. I loved your story about the electric cart at Kmart. I wonder the same thing about why they put that stuff in the aisles. Happy Sunday to you. :)

  3. I have rearranged many things in stores with the electric cart! The strongest thing I have had to drink was Dasani water or some milk.

  4. I like same old same old boring at times.
    I hope that everything works out with dear daughter. They keep us worrying.
    I bought an el cheapo vacuum from Walmart and that thing can suck with the best of them. I paid like $40 for it and it is by far the best vacuum I have ever had. I have to empty it every time I vacuum, it picks ups so much hair.

  5. See how cute we are? I stand to correct you as I ate my 2 lbs of fudge before I got to your place. I have a sweet tooth that never ends. I hope your daughter and mine will be okay. They have enough of us in them to eventually kick the crap to the curb, if you know what I mean. Get well!

  6. Sometimes talking and talking and talking is way more fun than running around sight seeing.


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