Sunday, June 8, 2014

Well That Wasn't Fun

I sat down last night and had almost finished my last Louisiana trip post when I did something.......hit something and my text and pictures highlighted and then disappeared.
Yep, the entire post got blown away!

And then, when I tried to rewrite it all my text was highlighted in blue and I couldn't figure out how to fix that back to how it regularly is.

Sigh....sometimes I hate being a computer boob....hehehe, I said boob.....

Of course, today everything is fine in my dashboard, etc.
Go figure!
So my last trip installment will be awhile coming since I have to recreate the 90% of it that I lost to the computer gremlins.

It's a beautiful day here today, as was yesterday.
We got lots of household chores completed including some outdoor stuff.

And my Peony finally bloomed.....

The bloom on the far side opened up this morning.  The near side bloom from yesterday is already looking "ratty", isn't it?
Peonies are pretty but they don't last long.

Ok, I am off to get some things done today.
The relatives start arriving on Wednesday and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I've got to whip this house into shape and plan this party.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Is it true that peonies have lots of ants all over them all the time? Peonies are beautiful! he he he you said boob.

    I kept clicking on your name because blogger indicated you had posted. I thought it was blogger was failing even more for me.

    1. My peonies don't seem to have an ant problem though I have heard about this.

      Why don't you transfer your blog to wordpress or some other site if you are still having blogger problems with it?

    2. Maybe I will look into getting a reduced peony.

      I suppose I keep hoping I can fix it. There are lots of comments I would hate to lose.

  2. I may go Wordpress once I retire. Just don't have the time right now. But I only have 18 more days to go woot woot!! It surely sucks when your post disappears - I have that trouble with commenting on several blogs too - hit "publish" and nothing happens :(

    1. Jane,
      I keep hoping I can resurrect it. I want the same name. There seems to be an email problem, too. The same email shows up and opens under several names and passwords. I don't see how that can be happening.

  3. oOo is it a birthday party?

    1. No, it's a high school graduation party.

  4. Wordpress has its problems, too. And accidentally hitting CTRL+A (Select All) then any other key will make things disappear. Been there, done that, with things more important than blog posts! The usual solution is it immediately hit CTRL+Z (Undo) to replace everything, though it will still all be highlighted, so click somewhere inside the composing box to un-highlight it. Hope this helps everyone!!!

    I'll bet the party will be AWESOME!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Party will be awesome if it isn't raining. lolz

      The weird thing is with my highlighted text and pics problem was that I was unable to UNhighlight anything!
      Every search online for help came up empty, sending me off to see how to unhighlight text that was a link.


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