Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Net Worth

This is the last financial numbers post for awhile, I promise. 8-)

The retirement accounts are up $5,544.25 from last month.
Unfortunately the liquid assets are down $12,250.68 from last month, mostly because of the car purchase.

Overall, we are down $6,706.43 in our financial net worth for June.

Stupid car..... 8-)



  1. Don't start off your new life with your car calling it names. They can hear you.

  2. And, everyone is safe on the road. Are you enjoying driving it? I have wondered--did they insist on doing a credit check before they talked "car"? That part is so annoying.

  3. Just don't say anything bad about the car while you're IN it... That typically results in a blow out!

  4. Glad I am not the only one that's cautious about talking about a car behind their trunks... the results are usually pretty bad. But yeah, I am not completely content with negative totals, or seeing my net worth take such a hit (all the way from 22k to 12k). I'll get up there eventually... that's great that retirement accounts are up by so much, though!

  5. Your car is not stupid. It is beautiful!


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