Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's the Chair for Me and My "Green" Weekend with a Big Gun

I was one busy beaver last weekend.

It all started on Friday when I got rid of the Christmas tablecloth on the kitchen table......about time, right? lolz

I sewed up a spiffy new summery tablecloth.....

And put it under vinyl.......

Then I took one of the nasty and stained seats off of the chairs......

And recovered it in matching fabric with vinyl covering, then reattached the seat to the chair.

By Saturday evening I had done 4 of the chairs and this project was completed!

Looks a lot better, don't it?

I have 2 extra chairs but their seats aren't in bad shape and I don't use them in the kitchen with the other ones.  I may go ahead and purchase another 3/4 yard of fabric so I can cover those chair cushions/seats eventually.  I can always use that fabric to make throw pillows for the living room if I don't end up recovering those seats/cushions before the other 4 get beat to hell.   But I'll wait until the fabric goes on sale again.  8-)

Also on Saturday I went and picked up the last of the soda for the party.  I had a $5 off $25 coupon for Dollar General(the sad store)so we are stocked up on sugary carbonated drinks for the crew.

Then we rented a power washer and de-molded (or as Jane would say de-moulded)the siding on the house and cleaned the French doors, window screens and the deck.
I also emptied the pool deck box and then scrubbed it good with a bleachy cleaner and now it almost looks presentable. lolz

Here's my best Bonnie & Clyde type pose with my big gun.....hehehe

And here is the backside of the house now that it's nice and pretty.....

I had Hubs also pick up 2 lime green Adirondack at Lowe's when he went out on Saturday.
Yah, an impulse buy for $36. 

Now we don't have to drag out the canvas camp every time we want to make a fire.  We can leave these out in the elements and the canvas chairs can be extras for when we have company.

Then on Sunday morning I got an email from Overstock that the lime green leather club chair I wanted to buy(which was out of stock for months)was available again, so I hopped right on that and bought it.
I'll cross my fingers that it arrives before the graduation on Friday.  If not, that's ok too.

Sunday I worked on the living room curtains when I wasn't trying to clean the house and move junk around and clear off the bed in my "fabric lair".

We also got 2 boxes of stuff in the car for Salvation Army ready to go the next time we are over there.

By the time everyone leaves on Sunday I will need a week in bed!

So between mold(or mould for my Canadian friends) and assorted chairs, I have a very green weekend, didn't I?  8-)))

Let's close with a shot of my peonies as they finally decided to bloom this weekend.....

So what have you been up to lately?



  1. Your kitchen set is very Bistro looking now! I love the lime tub chair too! And thank you for the "ou". ;).

    From your neighbour to the north,

  2. I found three of those Adirondack chairs at a yard sale for $2/each. I paid for two chairs and traded fresh eggs from happy hens. But, I cannot get out of the chairs! That's okay. Two are apple green and the other is turquoise. In the very back of the seat is a little valley where water pools. One of these days, I am going to drill a hole to let the water out--when I find my drill. Did you have that turquoise table, or is it new?

    I love your tablecloth and re-upholstery job. There is a place in Birmingham that will bond the plastic to fabric, probably for a small fortune. That is a good idea to do it yourself but not bonded. Oh, I hope your chair arrives.

    It appears you like apple green or pear green or whatever it's called. I do, too.

    I smiled every time you put up a picture of the Christmas tablecloth. However, I carry a 2013 day planner along with my 2014 planner in my purse.

  3. Oh wow, you've been super busy! My dad keeps saying we need to rent a power washer and work on the house. Looks like fun! I like the new chairs too, I cant imagine putting them together was easy!

  4. Sluggy, you are starting to outwork me! You busy girl you. I too love lime green, but hubs is not to keen.

  5. Love the lime green chairs!

  6. nice kitchen table/chairs re-do!

    curious - why "Dollar General(the sad store)"? I have never been to one, so...

    my peonies are budding, but not yet bloomed.

  7. Sluggy,
    I had a thought. I would not buy more of that fabric. By the time you might want to do the other chairs, those will have faded. Just buy coordinating fabric, maybe a solid, and save that for when you decide to do the other two chairs. Maybe you can find a solid that you can use in another part of the house and in the kitchen, too. Well, that would be my plan.

  8. That lime club chair is fabulous! That green is my favorite color, but alas, no leather in Hawai'i (it molds :-( ). I want those Adirondack chairs, too - maybe Home Depot over there has them!

  9. Oh. My. God. That. Green. Chair.
    I LOVE IT!!!!

    Peace <3

  10. Loved that shot of you with your power washer gun. Made me chuckle big time!!

  11. no more guns!
    Peace love and flowers - and chairs !

  12. My hubby loves his power washer. He makes the concrete driveway look new with that thing. I too want to know why you call the Dollar Gen the "sad store." There's a DG like every mile around here. I shop there all the time and I'm usually happy when I leave. :-)

  13. Please send me some of your energy!!!!! Good grief, you are on fire!
    And I'm loving the table and chairs. You are spending money like you got it. It's nice to get new things and crappy when the bill comes.

  14. I.Want.That.Lime.Green.Chair!!!!!!!

  15. See, I'm not the only Canadian reader! What can I say? We Canadians love the letter "u"! Things are looking very spiffy, I love the coloUr green:)


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