Thursday, June 5, 2014

How's It Working?

My new meal planning, that is.
The answer is--just fine, thanks!

Here's what I've cooked/we've eaten so far this week.

Sunday--Barbecue Chicken thighs, Potato Salad
Monday--Sloppy Joes on Rolls, Sugar Snap Peas(used part of beef to make taco filling for #2 Son)
Tuesday--Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Brussel Sprouts
Wednesday--leftover Garlic Ginger Shrimp stir fry, Rice(used this all up)

3 days cooking, 1 day not.

Here are the leftovers so far.....
4 Chicken thighs
3 helpings Potato Salad
2 Sloppy Joes filling
1-2 Taco filling for tacos
1 helping Sugar Snap Peas
4  Chicken Parms 2 Chicken Parms(#2 Son had a snack)lol
2 side servings of Spaghetti

I think we'll do leftovers again tonight and then I'll cook on Friday.
#2 Son will probably finish the taco meat today after school and then he goes out with his buddies for "Wing Night" on Thursday.

Saturday we'll probably do leftovers as well, and Sunday will be a new meal cooked, Broiled Salmon, Coleslaw and another Veggie(TBD) since I bought a bag of coleslaw mix at the grocery store yesterday.
(Went shopping and got everything I needed for the list of meals from Monday's post except the Parmigiana Cheese and the Pastry Shells.  Got extra stuff-sale meat, cheap red wine vinegar, cheese with a dairy instant $ back deal and soda for the graduation bash mostly-and spent $42.60 total.  I'll pick up the parm cheese and pastry shells on next week's trip.)

Sunday I'll evaluate where we are and decide on what to cook for the following 3 days from items that are already in the house and/or leftovers. 

At that point is when the relatives descend on us Wed. and Thurs. and we go into "survival/get through the week and don't blow the whole food budget" mode.  8-)))

I am offline now for the day.
Need to go buy a power washer and then go have a little fun and go to the movies by myself.
Afterwards, it's an Italian Ice and home to fix leftovers and start cleaning this filthy house.

How is your week going?



  1. Today, exbf and I were so busy that I did not have time to cook the salmon croquettes, baked sweet potatoes, and turnip greens. Okay, I took two naps, just little ones. while he took care of the big and little chicks. So, we had bagged salad greens, tomatoes and the last two helpings of the chicken I cooked in the crockpot last week.

    I am so happy because I am getting rid of the att tv service and will never have another bill for the tv again.

    A Million Ways to Die in the West or something like that, is what I am dying to see. I have a rule--go to the movies every three years.

    I have friends who are 76 and 81. She exclaimed one day that "we only eat leftovers. We don't know how this happens that we have no new meals." We will be like that one day.

  2. Whaddya going to see at the movies?? I went Tuesday and saw the Grand Seduction but I doubt it'll come to your theatres as it's a Canadian production about a village in Newfoundland trying to get a permanent doctor in order to attract a factory as no on can fish anymore so they're all living on pogey. It was THE MOST hilarious movie I've seen in ages.

  3. Busy schedule. Leftovers are truly the way to go! I really want to get a crockpot and show my dad how to use it... oh, how fun it'd be. I'd love to just cook for a month and freeze the heck out of things. At least that'd ensure I have food!


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