Sunday, June 22, 2014

Busy Saturday

We got lots done on Saturday.

Took a trunk(not truck)load to Salvation Army.
Got the dog bathed and brushed.
Picked up RXs.
Deposited 2 dividends and a rebate check into the bank acct.
Went through the garage and got a start on another load for Sallie's.
Got rid of more cardboard boxes from the garage.
Went to Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)and spent $34.14 on food items, plus more on some items for Hubs and #2 Son.

I also went up to the grocery store to pick up $10 I had evidently forgotten when I wrote a check there last month(Please note, I do NOT write checks at the grocery store and I told her so.).

I can't recall that I did this, but they called me at home and when I went in Saturday, the lady at the Customer Service Desk insisted I did and I should take the $10 bill she was holding.  Well, if you insist, yes, I will take your money. 8-)

I promptly spent that free $10, before I even left the store.  They had a grocery cart of discontinued toiletry items and everything was 50% off or more.

Everything in the photo came to $12.23 and once my free $10 was applied I was out $2.23 for a stockpile of soap and body wash for #2 Son to take to college.

Nice. 8-)

As for my meal planning--We ate meals #16, 17, 19, 21, 24, 25 from my list so far this week.  I didn't have to cook any new food(besides defrosting frozen veggies)until Friday night.
Today will either be spaghetti and Italian sausage with salad OR lasagna and salad since the weather is conducive to running the oven Sunday.
I might splurge and get Subway on Monday or do Breakfast for Dinner.....or we'll finish the leftovers(1 helping of Stroganoff and 1 helping of spareribs and sides).   Not sure which it will be yet.  Tuesday oldest Son arrives for a week so we'll be leftover free by then.

We are also still eating brownies and cake from the Graduation Party.

Hubs cut the grass and we had a fire in the fire ring last night.  The air was cool and the bugs were out unfortunately and I forgot to put any bug spray on. bleh.

In blog news, I have decided to leave the blog roll on the side bar AND have a blog roll page, so everyone can find their favorite reads from either location.
See?  It is possible to make everyone happy......sometimes.

I have also been adding blogs to the roll as I think of it.
Again, if you want me to add your blog to the roll, or you have some good suggestions for blogs to include, please let me know.

In addition, I have updated my "Thing to Do" List on the side bar.  Yes, I hang my head in shame that it still was on April, and that April update was a half-assed effort at best.
Speaking of half-assed, I have still not finalized a list of Goals for 2014 and we are closing in on the midpoint of the year now.


On that note, I am signing off for the day as I need to get more de-cluttering and organizing done today, instead of sitting on this machine all day.

What's going on at your place this weekend?




  1. I wish I were HALF-ASSED if you know what I mean!! Then it would be just about the right size! I've been busy getting organized for the journey east (update your passport!) bringing boxes of stuff I'm taking with me up from the basement and boxes down the stairs of stuff I'm NOT taking with me. The good news is that I found my dining room table last night after a big decluttering job in the dining room. I knew it was there - it was just hiding. ONE MORE WEEK!

  2. Please, please, please save up your energy, drive here and dejunk my house. Yes, that would make us both happy. And I'll make you a drink!
    You are on fire.

  3. I am jealous! Why? Because I use the gold Dial bodywash for a skin condition and can't find it around here for some reason!! LOL

  4. If exbf can get Magic Jack hooked up, I will be free of a home phone cost--$28/month saved. If we can get the coaxial cable through the windows where the ac is located, and get it adjusted up about 8 feet on the house, I will be free of Uverse tv cost--they are going up to about $50/month, I think. I am working on unlocking the cell phone and ATT cannot figure out how to unlock it either. That will leave just the internet. So, the cheapest company gets my business. This will reduce my costs more than $100/month.

    I will get pay as you go cell plan and try to figure out a cheap or free way to get internet.

    Since I have been trying to get service to phones restored since May 3, I have had it with ATT. Yes, I paid my bill and they took money out of my bank account and swore I did not pay.

    Finding someone to mow my yard all the way to the fence is the other thing that starts Monday--the search for someone who will not charge me even though he does not do the job. For the first time in my life, I am using herbicides on my lawn.

    Maybe I will cook some this week.


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