Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What $511 Will Buy You If I'm Paying

I know everyone has been waiting for this, so I won't keep y'all in suspense any longer.

Here is the list of the food I bought in March.

milk 1/2 gallon  1
milk gallon   3
sour cream  1
butter 1lb.   2
greek yogurt   9
cheese block/bag   9
ice cream   8
eggs dozen   1
whipped cream   4
juice   3
salad bags   16
head lettuce   2
mushrooms   7
onion, bag of   1
tomato  1
strawberries 2lb container   2
grapes lb.  1
apples   2
mandarin oranges   1
red bell peppers   2
oranges, bag of   1
celery bunch   1
cabbage lbs.  6.5
ground beef lbs. 12.22
corned beef briskets   6
roasting chicken  1
scrapple   2
veal patties pkg.   2
fish lb.  6
stuffed clams   2
deviled crab   3
frozen angus burgers 2lb box   6
lunchmeat lb.  2
deli cheese lb.   1
pepperoni bags   6
bacon lb.   3
frozen veggies bags   18
on-cor dinner   2
sausage patties   2
biscuit sandwiches   2
bagel bites   8
onion ring bags   2
sweet potato fries bags   2
ravioli bags   3
hummus   2
peanut butter   3
mayo   5
rolled pie crust   2
boxed mac/cheese   4
pasta sauce   32
pasta boxes   4
chili cans   9
pancake syrup   7
baked beans   6
cereal   3
hamburger rolls   2
hot dog rolls   2
pound cake   1
bagel, bags of   3
corn toasties   1
loaves of bread    4
onion rolls   2
muffins, boxes of   3
pies   2
ice cream cake   1
2 liter soda   2
12-pack soda   2
Assorted chips   8
cookies, packages   5
candy bars   4
candy bags  2
cadbury eggs   4
fudge boxes of   2
oreo single packs   2
choc. covered cherry   1
toilet paper 8 pack   1
body wash   3
deodorant   4
analgesic spray   1
shampoo  2
conditioner   2
dog food cans  12

That's 326 items for $511+.  Some small items(individual chocolate covered cherry), some large and/or expensive(fresh fish and ice cream cake).
Now go find someone else who can bore you like this as well as I can!



  1. Just the fact that you keep track is amazing, but then I keep track of how many pairs of pants I hem!

  2. Out of Window--yah, I'm just so boring and nerdy. Or maybe I'm just bored...lol

  3. Couldn't you be a bit more specific? Assorted chips?!? LOL. Nice varied list though :)

  4. Bore?? This list is amazing and impressive!

  5. Since you are bored, would you like to come up here and be my personal shopper, not to mention cook, also? Reading that list made me very hungry.

  6. Sheila--I can only thing of a FEW People who would actually want MORE BORING DETAIL on that list!!lol
    Assorted chips includes Potato Chips, Doritos and Cheetos. Do I need to include a per variety bag tally as well? ;-)

  7. 444--You may find this surprising but I HATE shopping! Ok, I'll go food shopping now and again but shopping in general has lost it's appeal to me. If you knew me in my pre-blogging glory, you'd be fainting dead away at that statement.
    Like BB said....the thrill is gone!

  8. As long as you keep buying Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries, I am not bored. However, I am disappointed and surprised you don't capitalize when you speak of those wonderful Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries.My mouth is watering. Seriously, I am about to drool all over me.

  9. Okay, I really like this list!
    I may have to do this for myself...

  10. Practical P--The cherry buying will pick up a bit by May since I have +Up Rewards to spend before then and I'll be heading back to Rite-Aid. It's inevitable that I have to buy a cherry or three there.lol

  11. Karen--It's a great way to fill your time(the list)and drive yourself crazy.lol Thanks for coming to see me today and leaving a comment. I hope my lack of responding to comments later on won't drive you away. ;-)


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