Friday, April 13, 2012

It Runs In The Family!

I KNOW everyone is getting tired of looking at old photos of my family but indulge me this one time, ok?  I'll keep it brief....

My younger son is the master of the eye roll.
Yes, he is 16 years old and all 16 year olds roll their eyes.
But......he is the Master of the Freaking Eye Rolling Universe!
I kid you not.
While my other two offspring had their eye rolling moments in their teens, this kid takes the prize.

So I am going through the photo scrapbook albums last night, finding photos I need to scan into the computer and I find this classic picture!

And I bust out laughing.
Because some things in the universe never change.

Check it out.
It's a photo of my mother with her parents.
They are standing in their living room which is decorated for Christmas and someone is taking a Holiday photo of them.
The photo is not dated but from looking at them, I'd put the year at about 1948 or 1949.
My mother looks about 14 or 15 years old.

Her dad, my grandfather was a bit of a prankster.  So he is making a face in the photo.
And look at my mother, the teen, suffering through the indignity of having to pose for a photo with her parents.

If you can't tell, my teenaged mother is rolling her eyes to beat the band!lol


My son not only comes by his facial bone structure and his build from his maternal great grandfather but his eye rolling ability from his maternal grandmother.



  1. That is so AWESOME! Eye rolling that runs in the family, I never heard of that trait being passed down before.

  2. Is it easy to keep your little wand scanner evenly moving?

  3. SonyaAnn--From what I've seen, it's a Dominant Gene!lolol

  4. Linda--You have to hold down the photo with one hand and move the scanner across the surface of the photo with the other. The actual wand doesn't weight much so it's not an uncomfortable thing to do. And if your photo is attached to a scrapbook page(like most of mine are), it makes it easier to hold down. If you've got curled up from age photos, the holding down flat part is a little more difficult. And I wouldn't recommend this to someone with a shaking condition, like Parkinson's or Tourette's, etc.
    But it works for me.

  5. Thanks! The reviews I read about the picture quality were not favorable, but they look okay to me. I don't thinking that if I did not move both ends of the wand the same, it might make a weird picture. If the left side was moved faster than the right side, in other words--sideways some, it might make a weird picture. But, you seem to have no trouble with that.

    My second cousin has lots of pictures GLUED into albums, so all of us want them and they just don't fit on the scanner as the books are something like 16" x 16", not even photo albums.Now, I will call about this.

  6. TOO funny! I love it when connections like that are made. Unfortunately the most dominant character trait passed down in my family seems to be alcoholism lol! Got one of my brothers (though he's a reformed drunk) but missed me thankfully :)

  7. Jane--We've got some drunks too unfortunately but we've got worse I'll keep my recessive eye color instead. ;-)

  8. The dominant genes in my family are brains and beauty. LOL!


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