Sunday, April 15, 2012

Indulge Your Inner Chametz Now

I found this funny clip on YouTube.
Remember that "Lonely Island" song/video I shared a few months back....the "I Just Had Sex" one HERE.

Well someone has highjacked it and parodied that parody.
They've turned it into a Passover funny.
You'll find it below.

Before you watch it a little background if you aren't up on all things Jewish.

Before Passover each year you are suppose to thoroughly clean your house, including your food pantry.
Since those who actively practice the Jewish faith are not allowed to eat any grain or flour product with leavening(yeast, soda, etc.)in it during Passover you are suppose to use up and/or remove all products that are classified as "Chometz or Chametz" from your home in preparation for Passover.
And during the entirety of Passover, it is forbidden to eat any chometz items.

Since Passover has ended last week, I wanted to share this now.....


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