Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If I Only Had Half The Energy....

My weekend was pretty quiet here.
Hubs went and priced dishwashers.
Me?  I stayed home.  I prefer not to go to big box stores on weekends.

I stayed home and didn't spend money on Saturday.
On Sunday #2 son's school band hosted a Jazz Festival at the high school.  Hubs signed me up to work it.  Darn nice of him, won't it? ;-)

What I thought would be a 2 hour shift working the concession/food table turned into 6 hours.
I did get to see son's band perform however which made up for the working part.
And the food sales netted some profits for the band.

But I had no energy left for the rest of Sunday and went to bed at the unheard of hour of 8-ish pm!
And Monday I dragged my ass around all day and had no umph.  The rainy and cold weather didn't help I am sure.  And I slinked off to bed again at around 9pm.
Of  course, I woke up bright and bushy tailed at 4am this morning!  I figure I'll be ready for a nap around noon today.

And it's another grey, chilly, rainy day around these parts again.
I've got to haul #2 Son to the Orthodontist this morning and I guess I'll hit the grocery store while I am out and get that chore out of the way for the week.

Here's something to wake you up and get your motor started.  This gal is mighty perky.  Generally I can't stand perky but here it works.
Turn your speakers up and dance along.......




  1. Wow, she is good!
    And it trips me how those people are hardly paying attention to her. That must happen every day at that laundry.

  2. My @ss is dragging too. It must be the weather or something. Let's just blame the people that we live with!!

  3. I'm not dragging since I am on vacation! But I know what you mean. I am usually worn out after spending time with grandkids.

  4. LOL! I think some folks were watching... I wish I had that much energy!

  5. We have a gorgeous weather today but I still feel like a zombie...We went to bed at 1am last night-we were fighting ants in the kitchen!! Then baby was up half of the night because he was too hot, and then up for a day at 6.30 am. And he's full of energy but I can barely stand on my feet...


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