Monday, April 9, 2012

April Food Spending Week 1, Meal Plan April Week 2

I know I never got around to doing a menu last week.
Shame. on. me.
But here is what actually happened....

SUNDAY--Hamburgers, Corn, Beans
WEDNESDAY--Hot Dogs, Beans, Coleslaw
THURSDAY--Hubs Birthday Dinner out
FRIDAY--Veal Parmesan, leftover Rigatoni

Yes, I am pathetic that this is all I can  I really didn't make a plan last week.  We ate from the stockpile, freezer(and used up some leftovers too)since I didn't go to the grocery store until Saturday afternoon.  The burgers were those Angus burger patties I got the deal on a couple of weeks ago.  I just have to say that they were really Good!  I usually don't care much for those boxed, frozen pre-made burgers but these were actually tasty.  And they were HUGE too!  Next time I'll have to buy bigger buns for them.

The weekly food spending was $76.79 this past week. 
I am scared that spending this much is getting to be a habit with me!
One trip on Saturday to Weis(PMITA)Markets.
I got a ham(free when you spent $50, and did I!!), asparagus and leeks specifically for Easter dinner.
I also had coupons that made a qt. of ice cream(or whatever size they are calling it this month),  a can of pineapple and a dozen eggs for free.   The eggs got used up for Sunday's meal.

Things I bought for later use that were on sale.....4 cream cheese blocks, 2 jars of apricot perserves, 2 lbs. of kielbasa(bogo sale), 2 boxes of jumbo pasta shells, 2 large containers of ricotta cheese, 1lb. of flounder, a cantaloupe, 2 boxes of 50% off muffins, a small porketta roast(discounted) and a small package of Lebanon bologna(discounted-for lunches).
My savings rate was only 47% overall.
I bought an on sale package of napkins as my stockpile just ran out. 8-(

The porketta is for a new recipe I want to try later this week.  The pasta shells will be cooked up and stuffed with the ricotta(and mozzarella)and frozen for later use.  I have some leeks I didn't use in my side dish on Sunday and some leftover asparagus that I served, so I'll be making leek and asparagus soup this week to use up those items.  the soup recipe calls for potatoes as well, which I don't have, so I'll use form dehydrated flakes which will work just as well.

The month is nearly 1/3 over and I have $223.21 left of my $300 monthly food budget.  As I've spent "about" 1/3 of my food monies, I am on target for the month.


I'm going into this week with a 1/2 head of cabbage, and after Sunday's dinner....2 leeks, lots of rolls, some leeks in cream sauce

This week's menu.....

SUNDAY--Ham, Asparagus, Leeks in Cream Sauce, Great Aunt Lula's Rolls, Deviled Eggs
TUESDAY--Ham, Mac & Cheese, Cabbage, Leeks in cream sauce
WEDNESDAY--Sausage Sandwiches, Onions, Corn
THURSDAY--Leek Soup and Ham Sandwiches
FRIDAY--Chinese Take-out
SATURDAY--Roast Pork with Dried Fruit, Rolls, Brussell Sprouts

This menu gives us 5 new meals, 1 night of leftovers and 1 take-out meal. 
 Items needed to buy for this menu are....maybe some bread and/or rolls.  I've got everything here already in the fridge, freezer or the pantry.
We'll be buying milk as usual and I want to pick up more eggs as I deviled them all for Sunday's dinner.

The only stock-up opportunities are for orange juice and those bagged salad kits are on sale again at the local independent ShurSave market.  Nothing at Weis is tempting me this week.

So what is everyone else eating this week?
And more importantly, who has some good LEFTOVER HAM recipes?!?!
We gave the BIL a big stack of sliced ham  but there is still tons left.....eek!



  1. We ar going to be eating a lot of left overs, plus I still have meals that I can carry over. I have $30 left in the food budget before Friday and I plan on not spending a dime.

  2. No menu plan posted!?! FOR SHAME!!! ;) lol!! I've been winging it as I havent' done a "real" grocery shop in 2 weeks. At least we're eating what's in the house though!! ;)

  3. Haha, I love the pic!
    I think that you are doing pretty good for the month. I have given in and allotted $100 a week for grocery and personal care items. When it was $80, some weeks I made it work and others I failed. $100 for three to four people seems to work better for us. And I even have been able to replenish our stockpile a bit. For some sad reason, having the cabinets stocked makes me feel safe. I need a life.

  4. Sharon--Hang tough to that $30. You can do it!

  5. Carla--Not grocery shopping is one way to make the family eat what is in the house. And now that those blasted Weis Grand Re-Opening Coupons are gone I'll be more likely to stay out of the grocers for awhile too....well, as long as they don't send me more Coupons....ack!lol

  6. SonyaAnn--Don't knock yourself. If $100 works better, just do it and don't look back. As long as you HAVE the $100 to spend, it's all good.
    I think anybody who has gone through a period of "food insecurity" in their lives feels better when they have a full pantry. I know I do!


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