Thursday, April 26, 2012

12-ish Years of Sluggy as Spring Fashion Diva

I've got 1 album scanned now. I do need to go back as a few photos didn't come out well the first time. But basically I have all the 1960-1973 years done, along with just a couple of the 1959 photos done since they are in another album.
Looking through them I don't see nearly the number of photos that I always had assumed my mother took.
I use to think we had massive amounts of photos but in reality, we don't.  She seemed to have only taken photos at most Easters, all the Christmases, and some at special events like Graduations, Birthday parties, a couple of vacation pictures and a few family portraits.  There are also all those dreadful School Photos which I'll get to some day.

Here's a Trip Down Memory Lane told in Easter photos. Let's see what a Fashion Plate I was from an early age.

From 1959....with my brothers.  I am the 3 month old peeing, pooing and drooling blob in the middle.
**You will notice the headgear began early.

From 1960.....after the posed picture with the brothers I grabbed my rabbit and took off a color coordinated hat of course.....

From 1961.....with brothers and my "old" mother who was all of 26 in that photo.  I look like I had a pie plate full of whipped cream with ribbons dangling from it on my head.  All I know is that it was held on by a small annoying length of elastic under my chin.  Guess who had sensory issues with elastic and other things on her body as a young child?  And why do I have a purse?  Did I even know what a purse was for at 2+ years old?
I guess my parents had bought one of those newfangled Polaroid Instant Cameras  that year so that is why this photo is black and white.....
From 1962.....This wasn't Easter but Sept. and my brother's 1st Communion.  I couldn't find an Easter photo for this year but I am sure I wore this fashionable ensemble at Easter as well.  I am with my Granny(father's mother).  At least she is wearing a hat too so I don't feel so alone in my head wear fetish.

From 1963....with my brothers, my Granny(r)and my Grandma-mother's mom(l).  Standing in front of our house(which had been my mom's parents' house).  The window behind us is to my bedroom.  What's this? hat!  The hair is all curled and fussed with though. The brothers look none too pleased to be here....

From 1964......with my brothers again, standing in front of my Granny's duplex apartment door.
Can it Be??? I don't have a hat on?!?!  But it looks like my hair has been teased and tortured within an inch of it's life.....

I couldn't find a 1965 Easter Photo.  I wonder what happened that year?  It might have been the year my mom had surgery.  I started school that year and we moved that year so that could be why the photo snapping dropped off.  I don't blame her if she just didn't bother that year.  It's not like my father was any help at home....

From 1966.......I'm 7 and this is the last year of my idyllic childhood.  The year before lots of things changed in my life.
I'm with the brothers in front of my Granny's house....she's at the door.  Most years getting a "good" photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling was a chore.  My older brother was a "cut-up" and he was always trying to get my oldest brother to laugh.  You will notice that oldest(r) is laughing and older(l)is looking away trying to do the innocent "but I did't say anything!", while my mother is probably yelling at him.   I bet after this was snapped older went tearing off with oldest close on his heels muttering that he was going to kill him.
Me?....I just stood there in the middle waiting for them to stop horsing around so we can get this picture done and I can TAKE THAT BLASTED HAT OFF!!

From 1967.....I'm 8 and we moved into a huge old house built around 1912.
With the brothers again, who are looking tickled pink to be there!, and another hat!  And my parents are still lugging around that Polaroid Instant Camera with the tubes of developer and waving pictures in the air.  It would be nice to have some color again, dontcha think?  I remember this lovely ensemble was navy and white.

From 1968....thankfully the Polaroid Camera died before this Easter and we got a new color model.
No, my brothers are still around, just too busy or too cool now being teenagers to pose for a photo with the kid sister.  I'm a vision in a Jackie O. inspired classic pink suit and pill box hat.  If the hat isn't enough I now sport a flower corsage.......if that doesn't shout GEEK to my friends, I don't know what does!
Too bad I didn't have Mark around to accessorize for me because that black patent leather handbag just does nothing for the look!

From 1969....oh, I spoke too soon.....the brothers are back.  Oldest is looking rather glum about it all and Older is smiling.  I bet he's trying to think up something to get Oldest in trouble....
I am the 1969 Fashion mother made the dress and the cape I remember.  The cape was navy and plaid and way cool.  Totally accessorized correctly with the ever present hat(of course), a white patent leather handbag(with cool mod chain strap), white tights and white gloves.
White gloves??  Oh no....overkill again and tres unfashionable for 1969....

From 1970....I know I said the cape was cool but making me fit into it a second year when it's obvious I have outgrown it is so wrong.  And my dress is even shorter than the cape and has no definition.  And that looks like the same hat too!!  You could put a nurse's cap on my head and I'd look all set to make rounds....
Love the knee socks!lol
At least this year Easter came later and the camellia bushes and the daffodils are blooming.

From 1971....another early Easter.....check out the dead
The brothers are back.  Oldest is in college now and being 19, couldn't be talked into wearing a suit.
Both are growing their hair long so I know there was tension in the house this year.  I am starting to "fill out" as the hormones have kicked in, so they made me kneel down so I didn't blot out the, block the brothers from being seen in the photo.  Notice my mom's dog, Annie the poodle, also gets to be in the photo now.  Annie feels the same way about anything on her head that I do.  After coming home from the groomer's with bows clipped to her head, she goes berserk until she can claw them off.  I can relate Annie, oh how I can relate.....

And that is where the Easter portraits end, in 1971 when I am 12.
And more importantly that is where the headgear torture ends.
At least you can see that I did grow into my head eventually.



  1. I was wondering where your legs went in that last photo. But... head too big for your body? Did I not read carefully enough - did you explain that? WTH is that all about?

  2. Love all the photos!! The cape rocks just so you know! ;)

  3. I feel quite sure my girls loved their hats that were put on their infant heads and all during their childhood! I just know it because they looked so cute. And, mine had purses galore. Did you wear the pants with ruffles on the behind? Those were adorable too. And, the older, at least had gloves....not sure about the younger girl.

    You were precious in your hats, too. So, puberty year was when your little female-ness started taking up too much room on the planet? Too bad for that.

    I put a few old pictures on my blog and felt weird doing so. LOL...but your posting yours does not seem weird at all.

  4. I just had to go to Office Max and check out the little scanner. They have the same one for $99. Now, I just need to figure out how to get more cartridges in order to afford it--free with cartridge recycling credit! I have 5 cartridges, $15 down, ~$85 to go. That's about $28 cartridges to go.

  5. Love this! You went from little Sally on MadMen to Veruca Salt in just a few years!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. What awesome pictures!!! Your hair must have been messy a lot... to have to wear hats almost all the time! But so cute...
    You may have lost a hat in the last pictures, but you also lost your legs! You look so short.

  7. 444 - sluggy had a big head compared to her body when she was little. All kids do but her's was extraordinary! I don't really see it as that huge but you know how it is, as kids we are sensitive about certain...well most parts of our the bowl haircuts, the ears that stick out, the knock-knees, and my special favorite - the black glasses I used to wear with the white tape wound around the broken arm!!
    Sluggy - love the Easter parade!! I loved watching you grow older and watching your brothers grow up into young men. I was born in l956 so can relate to the Easter bonnets with the elastic string under the chin that my two brothers would snap thinking it was great fun! You have convinced me to buy a hand held scanner as i have photos that are basically GLUED into place in old photo albums.

  8. Love the trip down memory lane. I love seeing all your Easter pics!

  9. I love the hats! Thank you for sharing your pics!


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