Tuesday, June 14, 2011

T-T-T-Tony Fun

Having been a thespian from an early age, I always try to catch the Tony Awards show each June.
Not so much anymore to catch glimpses of the work of people I had known in my younger days who went on to accolades and successful careers in the theatre but just because I enjoy watching people who have devoted their lives to legitimate theatre with little regard for being a 'star'.

Nowadays I enjoy watching the musical numbers, especially when there is a year which produces a bountiful, high quality crop of shows.
And this year did not disappoint!

I'm not sure what I thought of the Opening number.....what do you think?

This was the year of religion.
Yes, there was something for every persuasion.

From Catholic nuns.....

To Mormons.....

To Capitalists....
Harry Potter can sing and dance......who knew?!?!

This was one of the more fun numbers from a show based on a movie from 1994.....

And this number, while NOT from a Broadway show(it was a limited run NY Philharmonic engagement) was certainly a tv viewer favorite.
Once I got past Neil Patrick Harris' major note/pitch flub at the beginning it was good--not as good as the production a few years ago with Raul Esparza in the NPH role, but enjoyable.
See how many famous or semi-famous people you can pick out here....

Starting June 15th, this production of Company will be showing at select cities around the country too. You can find out where and when HERE

But my favorite has to be this number.  I became a big fan of Norbert Leo Butz a few years ago when he was in the Broadway adaptation of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels".  Even though I hadn't heard/seen any of the Broadway remake of the Tom Hanks/Leo Dicaprio film "Catch Me If You Can", as soon as NLB opened his mouth I knew who it was playing the Tom Hanks role.

It's a rousingly hot production.
And tell me that Norbert is NOT channeling Jimmy Cagney in this number......



  1. I loved the first clip. It does seem to imply that only gays were/are in the theatre or enjoy attending. I suppose many a straight person will now have to deny deny deny. He is trying to dispel that falsehood and did it in a fun way. Considering he is openly gay, who am I to complain? He faced the stereotype head on. Thanks for all the clips. Now, while I cool down, I will finish watching the rest.

  2. Okay, The Brotherhood of Man stank. I cannot believe the good old boys now have their own song! And, the token woman,a blonde, dressed in RED, a color signifying sexuality and promiscuity? They got all the female stereotypes right. Come on! They put her on a pedestal, she gets down and cringes. But, oh boy, they put her right back on the pedestal after she gets down and joins it. OKAY, no more comments from me today on this post. I still thank you for these.

  3. I know, they might kick me out of the "Gay Club", but I'm not a huge fan of Musicals. Sure, I can sit through one but they don't thrill me. I remember going to see CATS in 1986 in NY and was totally bored. However, I did like the opening scene that you posted up above. Although I didn't watch the Tonys live. m.

  4. Practical--This play was a book first, published in 1952, back when the "old boys network" was in it's heyday so it's no wonder you took offense to it. The 1st attempt at making it into a musical was back in the early 1960's, so it's been around and recycled many times over the years. Lots of obvious stereotypes and archetypal patterns.

    Mark--Oh Mark, you just haven't been exposed to enough GOOD Musicals. I can't sit through an entire production of CATS either....gawd! Why did that thing run for 100 years?....Seriously.lol


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