Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Have Sunk The Food Budget for June

Yes, it's official.
I have sunk my food budget for June.
With 4 more days to go, I have spent $374.77.

I was doing ok until I decided to buy fresh lobsters for Hubs and I as a belated Happy Father's Day present last week.  $42.98 later and my budget was officially shot to heck.

After that I figured I might as well do some more damage....what could it hurt, right?lol

I had 2 $7 Catalina Qs for Weis Markets that were expiring on July 2nd.  As there were 2 Catalina Promotions last week(ended 6/25)at Weis, I went ahead and rolled them instead of waiting until this week and hoping there would be a Catalina Promotion this week.
I'm glad I didn't wait as there are no Cat Deals at Weis this week! 8-)

I took advantage of a few good deals while I was there, so here is what I bought on Saturday....

One Cat Deal was Buy $20/Get $7 Cat Q.
I bought 2 large bags of charcoal(not pictured)and the Clorox Clean-Up Spray.
After the $7 Cat Q I used I spent $11.98 on these items(plus tax)and received another $7 Cat Q.

The other Cat Deal was GM products, Buy $35/Get $10 Cat Q.
I bought--2 Chex cereal, 5 Chicken/Tuna Helper, 4 Suddenly Salad, 3 Totino's pizzas, 2 Froot by Foot.
After the other $7 Cat Q and other Qs, I spent $11.50 and received a $10 Cat Q.
There was a double dip as well on the 5 and get a $2 OYNO off of meat Cat Q.

I also picked up 3 blocks of Helavu Good cheese on sale for $2 each.  My .50/1 IPQs doubled to $1/1, so my cheese was $1 a block after Qs.
The muffins had a 50% off sticker so were $2.25 a pack.
The bags of salad and strawberries were both BOGO.
The Perdue ground chicken was on sale for $3 and each package had an instant $1.50 discount meat sticker making them $1.50 each.
I picked up 2 bags of frozen mushrooms on sale for $1 each.  This price made them a better deal than fresh or the canned ones.

The only item I paid reg. retail for was the bag of bagels for $2.99, but by the bag they were less than buying them individually. ;-)

Reg. retail on all would have been $105.17 and I paid $47.88 after sales and Qs.
The Catalina items cost me $23.48 and I received $19 in Catalina Qs back.

Now I'm going to try to stay out of the grocery store for 4 more days.
Wish me luck!lol



  1. You can just live there with me. I'm having a terrible time too. I blame the kids!

  2. Oops! Sorry about that! I hope you get back on budget soon so you won't start looking like an ordinary person again...

  3. SonyaAnn--I'm already there witya SA! It IS the kids!! Letting them have free will can be highly overrated some times(when it comes to eating), huh?

    McVal--Me too McVal, because ordinary is average and average is broke in this country

  4. I sent Anna out for milk and she paid over $3 for it at the gas station. My eyes almost fell out of my head. Why she had to go to the gas station is beyond me? But that is what I get when I send her for something.

  5. And I love your reply to McVal!!!!

  6. SonyaAnn==While I wouldn't complain about $3 milk(a gallon, right?)since we have state mandated milk pricing in PA and $3 would be REAL LOW here!, I will complain about family that buys shit at gas stations/convenience stores.
    She went there because it's quicker than a grocery store...that's what kids and hubbies value-getting in and out FAST over overpaying.


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