Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday, Weird Weather & What I'm Working on This Week

I am trying not to grocery shop this week unless it's something I really need.  I was good with staying out of the grocery stores last week, until I hit Friday.  Had to take BIL to the store so I was forced, forced I tell ya!, to go into the store so I bought a few things.  I picked up some Kielbasa for $2.50 lb. after holding out for months to find my rock bottom price of $2 lb.....sigh.....salad greens for $1.99 a bag x 2, a carton of OJ for $1.99, some bananas, and a Quaker Deal--buy 5 items, get $3 instantly off your order.  I got 3 boxes of the new Quaker cereal for $2.50 ea. and 2 bottles of pancake syrup since I had none left in the stockpile, so $12.50 for all 5, $3 off and $3 more off because I had $1/1 Qs for the cereal.  The 5 Quaker items ended up costing me $6.50 which is very good for around here.

Then Saturday I went back to that same store...ugh....did another of the Quaker deal(cost me $6 OOP for 5 items this time), more Kielbasa(I have come to gripes with the fact that my new rock bottom price for this is $2.50lb.), got a 2lb. tub of Ricotta for $3.24 w/Q and sale price, and a 1lb. bag of mozzarella cheese for $3.50 since Hubs said I was out of that in the freezer.  Hubs picked up coffee filters since he was out and I bought the kids a container of Nestle Quik since they have been whining for it(and it was on sale, but I think they figured that out themselves lol).

Between these 2 trips and the one to pick up milk last week, I went for spending $0 at the grocery store to $44.96 spent by Saturday.

That is why I am trying to stay out this week and eat from the freezer/stockpile.

I'm having trouble this week coming up with a Meal Plan/Menu.
Just mental menu fatigue I guess.....

Here's what I've got so far--
Monday-Pork Chops, Rice, Veggie
Tuesday-Eat last birthday gift card
Wednesday-Fish, Crabcakes, Veggie, Coleslaw(leftover)
Thursday-Ravioli, Salad
Friday-Tacos, Corn, Chili(leftover)
Saturday-?? Maybe a big pot of Boston Baked Beans and cornbread

I've got to dig around in the fridge and if I find any other leftovers I'll work them into one of my meals.
I've got some potatoes I need to use although I don't feel like having spuds.  I'm sure if I fry them up the kids will suck them down, right?lol

In other news....
The Snowpocalypse never materialized here.  We got about 6 inches of snow, then 2 inches of sleet and ice the following day, which encapsulated all the snow.
The ice was so thick over the snow that #2 Son was out in the yard snowboarding in Chuck Taylors.  He could 'skate' around on the ice and don't break through to the snow layer....

 The sloped part of the yard here was akin to a luge track.  He has pretty good balance to stay on his feet all the way down to the bottom....

Between the snow and ice and the squirrels raiding the suet feeder at the end of the deck, the Beagle was having a great week outside.....

We finally got the last piece of the tax info we needed to do all the tax forms today.

Guess what is on my agenda for the rest of the week now? ;-)

First I have to do our State taxes, so I can get that info I need to do the Schedule A for the Federal taxes.
Then I get to calculate all the charitable donation amounts(Sallie's, Food Bank, Car Donation).
Then I get to see if we can file the Schedule A or just take the Standard Deduction.
After the taxes are finished, I get to start on the FAFSA x 2.
And on and on and on......
Are we having fun yet???!!! 8-)

I didn't get to the Food Bank to drop off the donation on Friday as I had wanted to because I had to take BIL out to do errands.  There is a very small window of time on Fridays where I can drop it off so this week, unless the weather intervenes, I'll make a point of getting there.

I'm updating my "To-Do" List on the blog this week as well.  I won't be putting more books on my list since I have tons of taxes paperwork to do this month.  Besides the paperwork, I'll be trying to finish the items carried over from January's list.

Dentist appointments are also on the schedule for this week.
Oh....and runs to Rite-Aid of course!lol

What is everyone else up to this week?



  1. Hi Sluggy,

    The grocery money seems to add up really fast. I was shocked at how much I spent in January.

    My taxes are finally done. I hate doing them as I am sure you do. But I hated those FAFSA's more. I haven't had to do them since 1997. Thanks heavens. I feel bad for you with all this paperwork.

    I am so tired of the snow. It's seems to snow here almost every day. I want SPRING!

    So I will be staying home except for a Tops run.

  2. Did a grocery run today and nothing else. I have no plans to go near a CVS or RA till Sunday morning, then I'm already planning a route to get me to the farthest RA that opens at 9 then the middle one that opens at 10 and rush back to our nearest one a little after 10. We'll see how I do :)

    That luge-ing your son was doing looks so cool. If I weren't old enough to start panicking about broken hips, I'd love to still do stuff like that!

    We drove over the mountain during the worst of the ice storm and saw sooooo many wrecks, people climbing out of various openings in their overturned cars, lots of totalled vehicles, it was scary. All because we bought a table in Altoona and they insisted we come pick it up or they were gonna ship it back to the warehouse - LOL!

  3. I think you did pretty well in the grocery store. And I hate having to up my rock bottom prices for food. It actually upsets me. I know that part will make you proud!
    We got so much snow, you can have some! I think the final total for the "big" storm was 26 inches. It snowed last night and the day before so at another 3-4 to that. I'm so sick of shoveling!

  4. I stocked up on Andoullie at the $2.50 price because even though that's more than I like to pay for Kielbasa, Andoullie is hard to find on sale. So I grabbed six of them!

  5. I feel for you having to do 2 FAFSAs. I am so glad I don't have to do that anymore.

    We are waiting for an interest statement and a royalties statement then I can file our tax return. Those 2 pieces of paper are later and later every year.

    I think you did just fine on your grocery spending.


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