Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

Well I finally got around to paying the February bills. Let's just say for now that my Feb. totals are NOT going to be pretty. ;-)
Last week put me off my game a bit so I am behind doing lots of paperwork.  At least with so few trips to the grocery store, I have less paperwork to get to, right?
You would think.....
All that free time this month was taken up with the TONS of extra paperwork thanks to Uncle Sam x 9 filings, plus FAFSA......and then plus PHEAA(for PA state grants)for Daughter.

For her to attend her 1st choice school she is going to be around $12 thousand.....yes I just said 12 THOUSAND!!! dollars short for the academic year AFTER we pay what we have allocated for her.  We are crossing our fingers for lots of scholarship money from the University to take up a heap of the shortfall.  I doubt it will be enough to cover it all so we are applying for whatever aid we can find.  The PA state grants are limited to around $4500 a year so that won't be enough even if she gets a full grant from them.  I see many Many private loan dollars in her future.....  It will be her choice and her burden to bear moving forward but I still worry because that's what us Moms do. ;-)

My youngest turned 15 years old yesterday too.  He's firmly entrenched in full blown Teenager-itis now!
When did my always happy little man who loved to cuddle, suck his thumb and carry his blankie everywhere and would watch Blue's Clues and play with his Power Rangers grow into the surly lifeform who feels that grunting is a sufficient form of communication?!
And who gave him permission to transform into this, because I certainly did not!

I am having a hard time concentrating and getting things done this week.  I just want to crawl back into bed and hide from the world.
I guess I am just dog tired....or is that tired of the dogs?
I'm dwelling in a full-on state of Ennui....



  1. RE: "When did my always happy little man who loved to cuddle, suck his thumb and carry his blankie everywhere...feels that grunting is a sufficient form of communication"

    I can totally relate, my son will be 14 yo tomorrow and he is so moody! At least my 7 yo still cuddles...sadly it all goes by too quickly :(

  2. Sheila--Happy Birthday to your teenage alien lifeform! You've got a few more years left w/the younger one, enjoy it while it lasts!
    I am totally in that long dark teen/young adult tunnel now....I hear they emerge eventually and are civil, even pleasant to be around if you are lucky. That and there is always the hope of grandchildren someday to spoil.....lolol

  3. I hear you with the tuition blues. As for teens. I have 3 and find 15 the hardest year. Don't know why but it has been the case around here. Then it starts to slowly pass at 16 and they become more human again. Feel better!!

  4. My son chose a school that is sooooo far out of our price range it was unbelievable. But he got his ass in gear and applied for scholarships all over and got enough to attend the school of his choice and it only cost us $1500. for this semester. That was amazing work he did there!

    I will cross my fingers that your daughter can come through with similar results!

  5. Ennui? My, aren't we fancy. Around here, we just call it "don't-give-a-crap-itis". And I've had it most of this year, so far.

  6. I knew as soon as my son wouldn't let me kiss him good bye in front of the school that his teenage years were going to be hard for me... They still are!
    Good luck to you!

  7. Sunny Simple Life--I hear ya...I've got 3 teens too. I wish 16 had been the year my girl changed back into a human being....her transformation was at 18, and not a day too soon for me!lol
    I hope the boy's 15th isn't too bad....couldn't be any worse than the girl's 15th yr. Now that I've said that I'd better
    Thanks for coming to see me and the feel better wishes. ;-)

    LisaPie--Good for your son! I hope he stays motivated both in his grades and keeping you from paying out more in school expenses. 8-)
    As for my Daughter, she knows all too well that beyond our pot of $ it's all on her. If she wants that fancy pants $$ school, she's got to find a way. When it comes to finances they all know where their parents stand...and we don't

    AnnieJ--Yah, we put on 'airs' any chance we get here. I like to throw in french words every now and again on the blog....just because it's the only chance I gets to use
    I think 'crapitis' is running rampant this winter. We need a shot for it.....

    McVal--I think sons are God's way of letting us moms know that, no matter what we want to belive, we are NOT in control. ;-)
    Very long and barely there apron strings for the sons....

  8. I think that our boys were separated at birth. DJ loved the same things when he was little and it was wonderful. Now he grunts at me. GRUNTS, I tell you.
    And God bless you for all that you are doing for your kids and good old uncle Sam. All that paperwork makes me nuts. Just start drinking!


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