Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Musical Wednesday......Sweeney Todd is My Food Waste Role Model

Once you get past the darkness of the subject matter, Sweeney Todd is a great show and some of Stephen Sondheim's best writing!
I've seen clips of the recent film adaptation but I much prefer the stage version.
Nobody plays the part of Mrs. Lovett better than Angela Lansbury did.
Both George O'Hearn and Len Cariou were great Sweeney's on the stage.

Over here at Don't Read This; It's Boring! we are all about frugality.
I am offering up this musical clip today since it gets to the heart of 2 subjects near and dear to my heart.....frugality and food waste. ;-)

The amount of perfectly good food thrown out in this country is staggering!  While you can't readily change the health laws that govern why businesses are often forced to discard palatable food or the businesses that would rather throw out food than give it away to those in need at the end of the day all in the name of profits, you can keep an eye on YOUR own Personal Food Waste!

Don't buy what you won't/can't eat before it spoils.
When you have leftovers, be sure you find something to do with them besides pitch them into the garbage can.
Reheat and eat......remake them into new dishes......give them away to someone who will eat them......feed your pets......and compost the compost-able materials(not meat or diary).

Here at Chez Sluggy, we use up our Leftovers.  It is very rare for us to have Food Waste like we did 2 years ago when I started my blog.  I am very proud of that fact!

In honor of the concept of Zero Food Waste in this country, I present today's Musical Selection......



  1. Love Sweeney Todd! LOVE Angela Lansbury!! (I even really loved the Johnny Depp movie version, I confess).

    Thanks for linking such a great play/movie with food waste - brilliant!

  2. I am with our house there is no food wastage. We eat leftovers and make sure nothing goes to waste.

  3. Oh dear... Never invite me over to have meat pies...

    I never knew what the story was about until now. ewww!


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