Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music is Ageless and Timeless......Let our Kids Know That!

Sluggy loves all kinds of music.
I grew up listening to everything I could get my hands on.
Music was my escape from a less than nuturing, crummy childhood.

I find it sad that many people in our culture are so locked into only appreciating one type of music or another. They hear a song is labeled as rap, or country western, or techno, or classical, etc. and they just tune it out automatically.

I see music as being flows from one genre into another. Each takes something from the other style and is richer for it.

I see kids these days who get no exposure to classical music. Well, actually they ARE exposed to it indirectly.

Those background themes and tunes they hear in commercials, or in some of the popular songs they think their current favorite bands 'invented' sometimes are really just recycled themes and movements from music that was written a generation or two ago or even centuries ago.
But not being taught anything about the 'classics' or where these tunes came from and they are losing out culturally.

That's why it's so important to see that music programs in your kid's schools are NOT disbanded! Stand up for musical education in the schools. But don't leave it the education system in this country to expose your kids to music...start young with your kids and take them to concerts, choral shows, etc.
Play them cds and talk to them from an early age about music.

Ok, off of my soap box now.....

I really enjoy finding when someone takes some piece of music and adapts or changes it so it speaks to their generation.

Take this classical piece of music by 19th century Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. If you have seen American tv ads, listened to popular music, watched cartoons, movie trailers or played video games, you KNOW this tune.
Watch "In the Hall of the Mountain King" played as it was written for an orchestra....

Now here is a Techno version of the musical themes and how a group of kids has interpreted it in a homemade You Tube dance video....

I just love this but I wonder how many of these kids know from where their cool song originated?

If they had had musical education in school they would know....



  1. Sluggy, I am with you. Learning music also translates into discipline that serves us all well. And adults can benefit too! I have had musical knowledge most of my life but decided to really learn to play guitar when I hit 40.

    I am learning lots of good stuff but it takes discipline to get something difficult, break it down, practice and master it. As adults we all get to lazy for that.

    Doing this reminds me in all things that we have to be willing to take our time to do something right and that if we are currently unable to do something, we can break it down, work on it slowly and improve.

    Our culture would rather play guitar hero than learn to play the guitar. It is sad.

    So spread the word and yell from your soap box.

  2. I agree. Music, visual arts, practical arts (shop, home ec.), speech and drama are all very important in our schools. I hope none of them are cut the curriculum.

    I remember once reading an article or interview with Kevin Bacon, who was one of six kids. He said his parents encouraged, above all else, creativity, in any form. They were discouraged from organized sports and grade-chasing.

    Agree or not, I have to admit that this outlook has stuck with me and that I agree with it almost entirely. I did not pursue the arts when I was in school and I now regret not having learned an instrument. Unfortunately, I was a grade-chaser and could never make room in my class schedule for the creative classes.

    Kat loves art and music, and often chooses classical for our background music during mealtime. We try to encourage her in both art and music, without pushing. Shane and I agreed before she ever started school not to get too hung up on her grades.

  3. SonyaAnn--That's what she said.....


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