Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a Little Teapot

Have you ever had one of those days.....

One of those days where everything you read or everything someone said to you just made you angry?

One of those days where everything you had to do or wanted to do or tried to do just pissed you off?

One of those days where you just kept dwelling on a thought or two and the more you picked it apart, the more negative you felt, and slighted and hurt?

One of those days where you were just danged tired of being taken for granted(or 'granite' as my kids use to say)and having people feel they owed you nothing....not the consideration of a reply, or the acknowledgment that you were going out of your way for them and arranging your schedule around THEM and their needs?

Well if you haven't, consider yourself lucky.

I am bubbling over with resentment in regards to some stuff that's come to a head around here.
I don't like myself particularly that I am reacting like this but gosh darned it!...I have a right to feel this way nonetheless!!

And it's family stuff so that's all I am liberty to say at this time though I want to scream at the top of my lungs at the moment....

You know what happened to the Little Teapot don't you?
"When I get all steamed up, I just shout..."

I just had to put it out there and get a piece of it off my chest or drown in it.

And now back to your regularly scheduled happy programming.....HA!

Sign me Seething Sluggy


  1. I'm sorry it's all coming to the boiling point there. I read through the opening paragraphs of your post nodding my head vigorously to every question, because that's how the past couple days have been here at work. And people around me are damned lucky I haven't ripped them some new ones yet ... :D

    Hope your situation improves very soon and people appreciate all you do for them every day!!!!!!!!!! You know we out here in the blogosphere love you, right? Right?!

  2. I suspect this has to do with the topic of yesterday, that you are the mom of teenagers. Or that y'all have just gone through a death in the family. All reasons to be gentle with yourself. Go take a calgon bath and lock the world out for a few minutes. It helps.

    We'll be here when you feel better.

  3. I'm very sorry for my last comment of a few days ago--and I'm very sorry if my comment in any way added to your stress. I'm about at that screaming point myself but that is no excuse. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  4. I hear ya. And let them have it! My feeling is if someone jumps all over you and is disrespectful, they are getting that amount back with a 10% increase!

  5. Pretty--Thanks for the comment and yes, I am a I can feel the blogland love....;-)

    LisaPie--Thanks for the calming words and for being here for me.

    Sheila--Oh hon, you didn't say anything to upset me. And as I recall there was never anything in your comment to apologize about! I'm sorry if I made you think anything like that. I'm a hothead and it will blow over. I hope you get past whatever is making you want to scream too. Me?...I'd just go ahead and scream...maybe at the wall or out in the yard at a tree...since the neighbors already know I am nuts I don't care what they
    Hope you feel better soon too!

    SonyaAnn--I just had a great idea! You know singing telegrams? Well we can start a business with screaming telegrams. If someone pisses you off, they can pay us to go deliver a screaming dressing down to em....genius, right? ;-)

  6. "they can pay us to go deliver a screaming dressing down to em"

    you'd make a fortune!

  7. Been there, done that. Should have a tshirt made. LOL! Hope things get better for you soon. Then again, you have teenagers....

  8. Sluggy, when I feel that way, if I can remember anything at all, I eventually remember that I have not remembered to take my estrogen for two weeks. I am not saying you are wrong to feel upset. You are right to feel upset. But, the estrogen keeps me out of jail...I don't murder amyone.


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