Thursday, July 1, 2010

JUNE Food Stamp Challenge....Final Numbers

 *This post is part of the June Food Stamp Challenge which is located over HERE.*

To being with, the last 3 days(the 28th-30th) meals were.....
Monday....breakfast-oatmeal/lunch-leftover potato salad & romaine salad/dinner-soup & fried squash
Tuesday....breakfast-cantaloupe & tea/lunch-raw carrots & celery w/dressing/dinner-Turkey Club Sandwiches w/leftover pasta salad
Wednesday....breakfast-a bagel/lunch-way old leftover bbq pork and coleslaw on leftover roll/dinner-clam chowder & garlic bread

Additional cost of foods bought before June....$1.55.

When I dragged out my grocery receipts to do my usual end of the month blog post about my food spending for June I discovered I had gone to the grocery store on June 1st but my JFSC total doesn't reflect that spending.  The total was $14.50.
So my last spending addition for the JFSC amounts to $16.05.

June Food Stamp Challenge Totals
Starting Food Budget...$373.70
June Food Budget Left....$57.72
Days of Challenge Left....00

Next week, I'll get together a donation from my stockpile and take that along with a check for $100.00 up to the local food bank. (I've added the extra $42 to atone for our eating out goof-ups during the month.)

Part II to follow momentarily....


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  1. I think you did great on the challenge!! And I know the food pantry will appreciate your donation.


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