Monday, January 4, 2010

Meal Plan Monday.....January 4th Edition....More Eating Down the Freezer

Last Week's Menu Postmortem...

All I can say is I had a great meal plan but except for the 1st 2 days, we didn't follow
Hubby was off from work for the week, kids off from school.....  Seems like most nights the teens all had other plans with friends so I did very little cooking.  Not saying that that's a bad thing now and again to get some time off from cooking!  I made a dent in the soup supply and hubby had plenty of leftovers to work on.
  I did get rid of some meal-in-the-bag type things in the freezer that hubby and I ate. And one night he wanted fish and I didn't have it on the menu so we substituted fish from the freezer for the meatloaf.  So I have most of my Meal Plan already done for this week, as I'll just cook what I had planned last week and didn't get to and add in 2 fresh meals.

Here's what I will be serving our family of 5 this Week.....

MONDAY--Chicken Cashew Stir-Fry-this is from a kit(stockpile/freezer/using leftovers)
TUESDAY--Taco Salads or Tacos(diners choice)(freezer/stockpile)
WEDNESDAY--Date Night w/Hubby-the teens will fend for themselves
THURSDAY--Homemade Pizza(freezer/stockpile), Salad
FRIDAY--Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf for #1 son(freezer), Mashed Potatoes(stockpile), Cauliflower/Carrots/Broccoli(freezer)
SATURDAY--BBQ Chicken(freezer), homemade Mac & Cheese(stockpile/freezer), Peas(freezer)
SUNDAY--Chicken Alfredo(stockpile/freezer), Green Beans(freezer)
SNACKS/DESSERTS--Pineapple, Brownies, Cookies, Pecan Pie

Last week I spent $72.52 on food/toiletries. $38.33 was at the grocery Outlet, $24.63 was at Price Chopper(Seltzer sale/Nabisco Crackers which will end up costing $1 after rebate/$1lb. boneless pork loin), and $12.88 at Rite-Aid(which will net me $13.12 MORE than I spent after rebates). Beyond the milk/juice at the Outlet none of what I bought was necessities last week. We were almost out of seltzer and it was finally on special, the crackers were for the rebate, replenishing some spices, garlic and other grocery items, plus great deals on fish and breaded chicken strips at the Outlet and 8lbs. of pork loin for $8 at PC.  Stock up Opportunities that just popped up and I just went for it.  After the rebate money comes in my $72.52 will end up costing $36.52 OOP.  The Regular Retail Value of all these items purchases amounted to $282.72, a savings of 74.35% on the $72.52 spent or 87.08% after rebates so I feel I spent the money wisely.

Food Waste waste this week, beyond the usual veggie parings into the compost.  Hubby was working hard to eat all the leftovers before going bad....and he succeeded!lol
By next Monday I should be able to do my full Freezer DeFrost and Inventory if I cook all this week's meals.  

This week's menu doesn't require many grocery purchases, since it's last weeks menu and I have most of it already.& I'll need to pickup milk and fresh salad greens as I am almost out. Daughter had her wisdom teeth out this morning so I'll need to get a few things for her as she's on a liquid/soft food diet and needs jello/pudding/yogurt/applesauce for a couple of days.  The grocery ads this week here are pretty lame so I'm not tempted there.  I'll have to make a Rite-Aid run later today for the "SCR deals" and I might venture back to Wags and/or CVS this week.  I'll try to keep the expenditures low.

Check out ORGANIZING JUNKIE to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week.


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