Monday, January 25, 2010

Meal Plan Monday.....January 25th Edition....Still looking for the back of the Freezer

Last Week's Menu Postmortem...
We started out the week well but by Thursday the plan fell apart.  So the Fish, Pizza and Tacos move to this coming week.  Now I only have to come up with 4 more meals for the week. Yay me!lol

This cleaning out the freezer deal is taking A LOT longer than I had expected!!  I still have a Turkey(not very old really)and a big Ham in there(this is much older).  I guess I need to bake that Ham next month and invite the relatives over to eat a big chunk of it so it doesn't go bad once cooked.  I would never come up with enough ways to use it up in recipes that the family would eat so I need to serve it first to a bigger crowd and hope some of those people want to take a chunk home with them. 

Here's what I will be serving our family of 4 this amazing recipes this week, just the quick and easys....sorry.

MONDAY--Assorted TV Dinners-found a stash in the freezer we need to use up
TUESDAY--Tacos(freezer/stockpile), Corn(freezer)*need to buy lettuce
WEDNESDAY--Stuffed Shells(stockpile/freezer)*need to buy ricotta
THURSDAY--Easy Chicken Alfredo with Vegetables(freezer/stockpile)
FRIDAY--Battered Fish(freezer), Rice(stockpile), Veggie Melange(freezer)
SATURDAY--Chicken and Dumplings(freezer)
SUNDAY--Birthday Meal out-delayed a week
SNACKS/DESSERTS--Pineapple(stockpile), Brownies(stockpile), Birthday Cake(stockpile)

Last week I spent $40.37 on food/toiletries....$14.99 at the Independent Grocer, $25.38 at Rite-Aid.  Of course, after the rebates from Rite-Aid, the $25.38 is covered and then some.  For all intents and purposes, I spent $14.99 on food last week. I kept it under $20 like I had wanted.  1 quick trip to the small Grocery for milk, produce.  No stocking up at all this past week.
Are you shocked?   I

This week my shopping list consists of lettuce, parmesan cheese and ricotta cheese.  I'll probably get some things to use up some coupons expiring in Jan. if I find good prices/sales on those items as well.  And I need to hit up the Bread Outlet this week(did that today) and get deli sliced cheese for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Teen.  I'm thinking $25 should cover all this plus milk.

Food Waste Report....I had to throw out about 1 cup of chicken meat picked off a carcass that the dog feeder didn't give to the doggies before it "turned the corner".  Otherwise, not a bad week for spoilage.

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  1. If you don't want to wait to cook the ham you can cook it and then freeze it cooked :) I do it all the time!

    Same with turkey. I cook a turkey, eat it, make two turkey pot pies with it and freeze one pie (before I do the final bake to cook the pie crust)

  2. Good post, nice blog. Thanks for share useful information. I like this post.

  3. Lisa,
    My problem is that the ham is already frozen and "cooked" so I don't want to refreeze it. But thanks for the suggestion!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. LOL! And here I was so proud of myself for spending "only" $36 at Walmart last night for the bare essentials. I picked up only one item not on that list I posted yesterday, and that one item was on sale with a peelie, so added about $1 to the total. It's the nuts that cost so much, and I buy the store brand. But some nights that's all we eat for dinner... LOL!


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