Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Deals at Weis this Week....1/17/10-1/23/10

As far as using Coupons this week at Weis, there aren't many good deals to be had.  A lot of Weis or house brands featured and the usual 'junk' foods like soda, chips, cookies, etc.(which I don't pay much attention to).

No FREEBIES that I can see.  Let me know if you see something because I have gone blind looking for them this

And of course, NO CATALINA Deals least I might be able to stay out of the grocery store this week since it's so abysmal.

Here are the CHEAPIES....

YoPlus Yogurt  & Fiber One Yogurt on sale again this week for $1.50.
--use the $1/1 YoPlus ManuQ from the recent GM insert to get it for .50¢
--use the $.50/1 Fiber One ManuQ(if your store doubles)from the recent GM insert to get it for .50¢

Tony's Pizza  $2.00
--use the $.501/1 ManuQ from 12/13SS(if your store doubles)to get it for $1.00

Activia Yogurt  $2.00
--use the $1/1 ManuQ from either the 10/4SS or the 1/10SS to get it for $1.00

Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies  $2.00
--use the $1/2 ManuQ(not sure the insert date but it expires 1/17 so use today!) to get it for $1.50 bag
--use the $.50/1 ManuQ from 1/10SS(if your store doubles)to get it for $1.00

And that is about it for Good Coupon Deals.


Bottom Round Roast $1.49 lb.
--Good price.  Ask the meat dept. person to grind this up for you and you've got very cheap hamburger!

Nathan's Hot Dogs  BOGO ($5.99 reg. price)
--half price with the BOGO sale, so $3.00 a package.  Not a great price for hot doges but these don't go on sale often and they are premium quality in the 'dog world'.  A coupon would have been nice to combine here but no such luck. 8-(

Mushrooms/Baby Carrots/Lettuce  $1 a bunch/package
--pretty much rock bottom on these items.  Buy & combine all 3 and you've got a nice tasty salad. Per serving it's cheaper than buying those bagged pre-made salads.

Weis brand Butter  $2.50
--no coupon deals on the house brands but a good price for butter

Weis Ricotta 15.oz   $2.00
--again, no coupons on house brands but a good price for ricotta

If anyone sees any other good buys this week at Weis, please leave a comment and let us know!


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