Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Oreos.....well not REALLY Oreos IMHO

Not to sound ungrateful.....ok, with an opening like that, you KNOW this is going to sound ungrateful.lol

Did you get in on the FREE bag of OREO Cookies yesterday on Facebook?
Since there were something like MILLIONS of people signed up to the Fan page for the Free Oreo Deal on Facebook and there were only going to be 150,000 bags of cookies given away starting at 3pm EST, I figured when #2 son and I got home from the Orthodontist and the Oral Surgeon around 3:30pm EST yesterday it hardly seem worth trying to get online for the cookies.

I thought all 150,000 bags would be scarfed down in mere seconds.....
But I went online and tried anyway and low and behold.....

I got through and I gots cookies!!

After I finished and got the "Congratulations-the Cookies are on their Way" Page, I noticed something.
They are sending these......

THOSE aren't Oreos.....

THESE are Oreos!

Ok, so they are BOTH MADE by the same company, but an Oreo has to have that DARK almost BLACK Chocolate Cookie!  You can monkey around with the filling.....creme, peanut butter or even mint.....add Double the filling even, but the Cookie part defines an OREO as being an OREO.

These Vanilla Cookie things are just imposters!!  They may be in the same shape and design embossed on the cookie but the FLAVOR of a Golden Oreo is NOT an Oreo!

I am so disappointed.....

But free cookies are free cookies after all.
There will be NO DUNKING in MILK with these "Oreos" but someone here will surely be adding to their waistline using them anyway.lol

So how do you feel about "Golden Oreos"?
Are they clever imposters in your mind or are they REAL Oreos?
Leave a comment and weigh-in on this 'heavy' debate!



  1. Maybe they aren't the real deal, but they are still good. And if you want them to be chocolate-y, dunk them in chocolate milk.

    I like both and see no reason whatsoever for us to have to choose!

    and what gives with us not being fb friends and all? hmmmmm????

  2. They may not be the real OREO's, but free is still free. Can't pass that up!

  3. I like the original Oreos better but the Golden Oreos do make less mess when the kids are eating them. Any Oreos cookie is yummy!

  4. I haven't tried the GOlden Oreos, but I tried the soft ones, like Twinkies, and they are good, so I'll be glad to give them a try for free! Thanks!

  5. I see your point :) I think these are more like what I think of as Girl Scout sandwich cookies. I liked them when I was a kid, but I wouldn't confuse them with Oreos. Glad you got in on the freebie fb deal - I didn't even know about this one (which is probably just fine for my waistline).

  6. Oooh....YUMMY! Since I don't like chocolate (I know...I am weird...), these will be Oreos that I will actually eat!

    Usually I pull apart the Oreos, eat the filling and throw the rest to the birds.

    I know...I am weird.....LOL


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