Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rite-Aid Weekend Goodies...OOP $1.76, for now

So I made 2 trips to Rite-Aid this weekend. It's a good thing the store is just down the road from me, huh?

I had a 2 day only, $5 off $20 coupon so I took it up on friday to build an order.

Transaction #1
Dishwasher Detergent reg. price $4.99
2 huge jars of dry roasted peanuts on sale Buy 1/Get 1 (reg. price $5.99)
4 Speed Stick Deodorants on sale for 4 for $9.00

Total with tax=$26.75

I used....

$5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon
Buy 1,Get 1 Free Peanuts $5.99
Free Certificate for 1 jar of Peanuts(value up to $5.00)
$1/2 Manu.Coupon Speed Stick Deodorants

Total $11 in coupons + $5.99 Rite Aid B1G1 sale


I used the $10 Gift Card from the Buy $25, get $10 back Kimberly Clark Deal at Rite-Aid in Jan, so NO OOP with 24 cents left on the GC.

PLUS, I get $2 for the Dishwasher Powder & $5 for the Deodorants in my RA Rebate check for Feb.

Transaction #2
This week(2/22-2/29)Soy Joy bars are 50 cents each at Rite Aid. Buy 10(for a $5 total) and you can get a $5 rebate in your Feb. rebate check. That's 10 FREE bars after rebate!

I also used a $3 off 10 bars coupon from one of the Jan. coupon inserts, so I paid $2 for 10 bars(20 cents a bar) and I'll get back $5 next month, making this deal better than free. It's like the store said, "Here, take these 10 bars and these 3 $1 charge!"lol

$5-$3 coupon-$.24 Gift card=$1.76 Out of Pocket.

Grand total....
$25.76 merchandise value(reg. price value of $45.61)
-$14.00 in coupons
-$10.00 on gift card
=$1.76 cash OOP +12.00 additional cash in my Feb. Rebate check

I figure I'm UP $10.24 on these 2 transactions.

Go check out the good deals the other Drugstore Divas are finding over at The "CENTS"SIBLE SAWYER!


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