Friday, February 13, 2009

Be Careful What You Say...

...You may live to eat your words.

No sooner did I post & rejoice in my January $aving$ Total then some unexpected/large/forgotten BILLS started popping up in February's budget.


On Monday, I remembered that I have a large CREDIT CARD bill coming due at the end of February. Yes, we have a credit card. No, we do not run a balance on it, it is paid off each month. It's used mainly as a tool to keep a record of expenses and the Gift Card Rewards we earn are an extra bonus. I had forgotten that along with the usual expenses we put on it each month, we ordered new KITCHEN COUNTER TOPS and the store charged us for them a couple of weeks ago. Yuck!

On Tuesday, the CAR INSURANCE bill arrived.

On Wednesday, we picked up my car from the AUTO REPAIR Shop, along with a bill for a tune up/oil & fluids change AND an unexpected repair that totaled almost $800.

On Thursday, the LOCAL & COUNTY TAX bill for 2009 arrived. Ok, that's not due until April 1 but psychologically, getting it when I did, it was disheartening.

I am dreading going to the mailbox today!

A quick calculation of this month's expenses and estimating expenses not billed/paid yet for Feb. and we are going to be SHORT about $250 on February's income.

I did just sell a bunch of old toys to a guy over in Europe, so after eBay/Paypal fees, that eat it from the ass in, that will be another $175 toward the shortfall. Between the rolled change I can scrounge around the house and coming up with a little bit more eBay cash before the 28th, I will probably be able to just squeak February out without having to dip into the January $aving$!

So the February $aving$ Total may be a big 'ol $0.00.

But ya know what? I am NOT stressing out over the extra money spent this month because I HAVE that nice lump of CASH saved from January that I can dip into if I have to.
Having a cushion of Money in the Bank makes for a Serene Slug.



  1. See? That is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my blog the other day! It makes you either think 1. Oh thank the heavens above that I saved $xxxx. or 2. Why bother, because if I save $xxxx I will get hit with a bill of equal value. Ain't karma a bitch sometimes?

  2. Yah, but I'd rather save the money than not.
    I also enjoy the sensation of beating my head against large brick walls until they are bloody pulps too.
    Well, not really.....

    Maybe we need to hide the putting money away from the eyes of the karma gods. Much like the Chinese traditionally never boast or talk about being fortunate in anything. Don't draw attention to the good things in your life so the gods don't see it and take it away?
    Something to think on....
    sluggy-who has nothing and has saved no money


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