Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Beryl Was NOT a Lady!


We finally got power back and Beryl has left town.  I can't say I was sad to see her go either.  Like clockwork, as soon as it started raining heavily, our power went out, as well as our internet.  We had to go out to eat as there was no power here around dinner time.  Poor me, I didn't have to cook. ;-)

I am so over this place.  I am scaring Hubs because I said maybe I won't come back after going to Virginia and having this operation.  Ok, he knows I'll come back(eventually)because living with my brother long term would be even worse. lol  Joking, we get along fine.

I'm in packing mode now and counting down the days until I leave.....



  1. Happy to hear your power came back on. It is brutal to be without power during the summer.

  2. Yikes so sorry! A few years ago Hurricane Zeta dropped my neighbor’s tree on my roof at my work house (it was barely a category one when it reached me, and I was without power for two days) so I know the feeling. Hope none of your food ruined. Cindy in the South

  3. I ran the dishwasher when I heard the first rumble of thunder!


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