Saturday, July 15, 2017

Frugal Friday....The July 14th Edition on Saturday

Here are things I did to be frugal this past week.........

*  My car needed an oil change so Hubs took it up to a local auto center that provides this service.
I remembered I had $50 in gift cards(won at the church auction last Fall)for this auto place so the oil change/etc. only cost $11 OOP.  My car takes expen$ive oil so it's never cheap anyway.

*  We stayed close to home and no mindless shopping.  We did get take-out for lunch one day(Whoppers!)but I used coupons and a gift card to pay.

*  Like the proper Viking descendant I am, I pillaged Rite-Aid this week......

Just some of my loot.  There were two more transactions but I've already blogged about all this.
Same with my Weis(PMITA)Deals.......

*  I submitted for a .50¢ cash rebate this past week from Checkout51 too.  Go me. lolz

*  We broke down and bought an EZ-Pass transponder this week too.  I detest the corruption that is PA politics and getting caught in their bureaucratic net even deeper than I already am, but having EZ-Pass will save us both on this road trip(a bit) and on down the line(a lot) on toll fees.  Many states in the country from IL and east of there accept it and your tolls are substantially less(to half price)what you are required to pay the old fashioned way with a paper ticket and cash.  While it won't help us once we get out West on this trip, it will save us loads of money in the future going to see my brother in VA, going down to Ocean City MD, going to ME and going to see cousin Sonya Ann in IL.
At least we'll have no more of Illinois Toll Hell. Ever. Again!

*  I got an email from Checkout51 this week.  Seems I won a prize in some sweepstakes they were holding......

I won $50!!!   I got entered just by submitting a receipt during a certain time frame and got randomly picked to win a prize.  This was so random and out of the blue but hey!, I'll take it!!! lolz

This goes to show those little money wins/rebates I submit for(.50¢ here/$1 there)actually pay off.....sometimes in ways you don't expect.  ;-)

I hope you had some frugal wins this week too.



  1. My biggest frugal win was encouraging and then succeeding in doing a Friday lunch bunch in the office with pot luck salads rather than ordering expensive Foodsby food delivery.Minimally, a delivered lunch would be $12 per meal, but I brought banana bread from my freezer, and a cucumber and onion salad, that was massively popular, and probably cost about $2.00 to make, plus I have leftovers for my lunch today. I also used a $ .13 off per gallon and filled my practically on fumes gas tank.

  2. Congrats on your win. Checkout 51 is here in Canada and between that and our points programs really the best way to save on groceries as we have so few decent couponing opportunities (you would hate it!)

  3. Can't turn your nose up at $50.00!! The cashiers always tell me about entering contests on the receipts but I never do. I guess I should! I spent zero money this week except for groceries. My glute muscles were really bothering me (from sitting too much) so I only went out when I had to.

  4. My frugal win is the cherry pitter hack I posted today. I knew where to purchase a really expensive one, but now I don't have to make that purchase. And, I won't have to store the one I made. Plus, cherries are $1.69.

    Your $50 win is great! I'm glad we don't have tolls.

  5. Hooray for the 50! I knew you would kill it at Rite Aid.

  6. Good for you on $50.00 smackers! Hub's and I got nailed by the toll people and it was so dishonest. But we were foreigners, so our fault I guess.

  7. My big frugal win was to get my lunches and breakfast and snacks for the week under $25.00. I did NOTHING this weekend, but just house-sit and watch Hallmark Movie Channel movies. Did not drive anywhere. Trying to conserve gas.


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