Sunday, July 2, 2017

Net Worth.....July 1st Update

We are up just over $9.5k from the June 1st net worth overall(only liquid cash/investments/bonds, as I don't count housing or car values).  The retirement accounts were up over $6K for July 1st 2017 from the June 1st 2017 calculations and the cash reserve/non-retirement accounts were up over $3K.
Most of that cash reserve/non-retirement accounts earnings was regular pay, dividends and interest.

We are up $139,635.69 from one year ago, from the July 1st of 2016's net worth snapshot.

Since Hubs' officially retired on Friday and his paychecks are no more and we have moved from acquisition mode to spend-down mode, this will be my last Net Worth Update. 8-(

We do have some more monies coming in this Friday--a partial paycheck, a half a year bonus check and all his personal days he earned this year that he didn't use.
After 12% deducted from the first two monies(that % goes into the 401K)and federal taxes taken out of all three payments(another 25% off)this last bit will add approximately $23K to our net worth.
With that little bit added in, we are retiring with a shade under $1,350,000.00 dollars in place.  We also own two houses free and clear worth about a combined $330K.(Neither of these are in areas with inflated housing costs.)

Not a bad accumulation for working and saving and watching the finances for 33 years.
Was it hard?  Darn right it was!
We made lots of choices with our money(mostly good choices)to get to this point. And we delayed or went without many "wants" to get here.

We still raised a family(pretty successfully)and had some fun along the way but never took our eye off the ultimate prize of an early retirement for Hubs.
He deserves it!

Now I need to move from "saving mode" to "keeping what we accumulated mode".
I've come up with a new motto for myself and the way I live my life.....

"You can afford Anything, but you can't afford Everything."

Life is about making choices in your life.  By making the right choices you can have anything you want if you have a target and make a plan.  But this means you can't have everything, every bauble along the way that catches your eye.

Thanks for reading these updates every month and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them.
I am by no means a financial expert but I'll readily share what worked for us on our financial journey.

Did you increase your net worth last month?
Do you have a retirement plan in place?



  1. Congratulations on a job well done! We do have retirement savings in place via a 401K. While we do still have debt, we also have a plan to pay it all off before we fully retire.

  2. I like that motto, if everyone lived by it no one would be broke!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! I still say he is lucky to have you! There had to be a lot of cooperation along the way.

  4. Good for you as far as I am concerned my husband never deserved to retire. He started working art lets see 40? at an under paid job and made sure he retired at 65 at the same underpaid job. He needs to work until he dies. But don't worry he has me. Sarcasm.....

  5. Well done! I am so happy for you and your family. I have loved reading all your blog posts and look forward to reading them in your dh's retirement. :)

  6. We will never accumulate the funds you have, but you are an inspiration!

  7. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. Congratulations on finishing well. You and Hubs made a great offense/defense team during the accumulation phase. I am so happy for you.


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