Saturday, July 22, 2017

Further West....Playing the Wicked Witch

Just a quickie in case I can't update for the next two days as I don't know what the internet situation will be at A-the mom and pop motel this evening and B-the rustic accommodations booked for Sunday evening.

Deciding to stay in an authentic Western tipi for a night sounded real good back in April/May from Pennsylvania.....but that was before the weather out here decided to hover around 100 F degrees for days on end.
It's suppose to be a "mere" 95 F Sunday in Wyoming and the authentic Western experience doesn't have a/c.
Oh lord......what have I done!?!?

Pray for me folks, pray for me.

Back on the grid Monday afternoon if I live.......8-0



  1. During the hottest summer on record in England, I selected the hotels in London, I learned my lesson, NEVER AGAIN, will I book summer hotels without air con.

  2. I hope your teepee experience goes ok, and you don't melt. If nothing else drink some cold bevies?

  3. You will be fine until the Indian raid starts. It cools off at night in Wyoming.

  4. No ac in a tipi? Whatever came over you? You may need an exorcism to rid you of whatever caused you to come to this.

  5. Sluggy,I can truly feel your pain right now. Years, and years ago my now husband and I got engaged in early April and set our wedding date as August 22nd. All of my selections for flowers, dresses, refreshments etc were made when temperatures were nice and spring like. August in Louisiana is NOT like April temperature wise. We almost melted as did the flowers and foods. Goes to show that a nineteen year old in love does not always have a grip on reality! Sleep in your vehicle with the air running! Good luck, Penny S.

  6. There a bit of the wicked witch in all of us girls.

  7. Oh no! Sending cooling thoughts your way, Sluggy!

  8. Hi Sluggy. If the Indians can do it, then so can you! You're an American right? Air conditioning isn't a right last I looked. LOL. You'll be fine. Have fun!


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