Friday, July 7, 2017

Frugal Friday.....July 7th Edition

Not a lot on the frugal front to report this week, but here's a few.........

*  Hubs and I had lunch out on the 3rd when we went out to run errands.  We went to Bob Evans for a late lunch(after 2pm).  We used a 30% off your meal Q so paid $15.90 instead of $22.72.

*  Minute Maid juices is running a Catalina Promotion through the end of 2017 at Weis(might be available at your store too so worth checking out if you buy a lot of OJ).  For every 5 cartons you get a Catalina off $2 on your next order.......

Good thing is that these Catalinas expire 1/5/18!
I think what I'll do is hold onto them and cash however many I get the end of the year in at Weis for my Xmas dinner shopping.
Who knows?  I could save enough to pay for a nice hunk of roast or something! 8-)
And of course, I'll ONLY buy MM OJ when it's on sale to get them(and pair Qs with the sale when available).

*  I smoked a pork butt and two slabs of ribs from the freezer on Monday........

The ribs got wrapped in foil and finished off in the crock pot on Tuesday morning in time for our 4th of July picnic.
The pork butt got put into a larger crock pot on Wednesday night and cooked overnight on low and the resulting barbecue was eaten on buns with Cole slaw for dinner on Thursday night.  Mmmm!
Better and cheaper than going out to a BBQ joint here(MUCH cheaper as BBQ is a high falootin' deal in these parts).

*  We cashed in a Savings Bond that was no longer accruing interest.  Now we just need to sit down and decide where to put that money, hopefully somewhere it can earn more than .0001%.  8-(
Keeping fully matured SBonds is not smart.  Get your money and either use to pay down debt, a mortgage, etc. or stash it elsewhere where it can grow more money for you!

*  Last Fantastic Friday I bought a pack of Lemon Lemon and a pack of Izze drinks........

They were $1.99 per pack on sale.  I wasn't going to just buy 2 Lemon Lemon ones but there was a separate $1 cash rebate on Ibotta for both LL and Izze(limit of 1 per brand).  They had a lemon-lime variety of Izze so that's pretty close to what LL is.
And I had a $1/2 Izze and/or LemonLemon Weis Booklet Q too.

So it was 2 x $1.99=$3.98-$1Q-$2 in Rebates=.98¢ OOP or .49¢ per 8 pack.

*  I made WV hot dog chili to put on our July 4th picnic dogs.  It turned out mighty fine(I've never made hot dog chili before).  Much better than that canned runny slop they sell in the stores.
I also made Macaroni Salad which is also cheaper to make and tastes better than what they sell in the grocery store.

*  I have come up with a genius plan for food for College Boy for when he returns to school.
Since he is a Senior this next semester he doesn't have to take a meal plan from the University.
So no $1700+ to $1900+ food costs per semester. Ever. Again.
I'll reveal my ingenious plan in a later post but I will say I don't know why I didn't think of this before now!  Anybody want to guess my plan to save money on food for him?

That's all I gots.....
What about you?  What frugal feats did you achieve this past week??



  1. Give him $500 cash a month for food....whatever he doesn't use for food he can spend? Also supplement that with your freebies on canned goods/coffee

  2. Are you planning to maybe ship Amazon boxes his way? I know you probably do better than that, but it would be one way to send him groceries without him coming home or you driving to him. Now I am intrigued. I already am planning that daughter will be on the smallest meal plan allowed, and supplement with the food she can easily and healthily eat stored in her room. That is what I did and still sometimes did not eat all the meals I paid for.

  3. You are not going to feed him? You are going to order food online and have it shipped to him? Sales of things I would buy are not there. It's funny how that works. Some weeks, I just buy milk and bananas. Cherries are $1.69/lb.

  4. Mine is only in his third year, please tell me your plan. My son thinks he can get by on grilled cheese and eggs. Cheryl

  5. Will Weis allow you to use more than one coupon at a time?

    1. You mean on the same item? Yes, you can stack a manufacturer coupons(from the inserts/internet printed/hang tag, etc.)with a Weis coupon. The exception is a Weis digital coupon as those are actually manuQs anyway.

    2. What I meant was will they allow you to use ten $2 coupons on one chunk of meat. However, I do understand that if you use ten coupons on ten different items, you would still save enough money to call the meat cheap or free. Will they allow you to use two of the $2 coupons on one item if you only wanted one item that day?

    3. Well no. I can't think of any retailer that would. lolz The exception would be a $X off your next order Catalina. I believe most stores let you use more than one of those on an order if you had multiples.

      If you mean those $X off instant discount stickers Weis uses on meat, then no, only 1 per item. You can only use the one ON the item to get a discount off that certain item.


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