Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walgreen's Convoluted Scenario, Spend $6.19 Get $8.50RRs & Lots of STUFF

So I am up Waaaaaaay too late this evening, er....morning. Can't shut the mind off for some reason, so why not give it a work out, right?

I was just perusing the upcoming WAGS RR deals for Sunday....
  • Gum Toothbrush (2 pack) $3.49, use $1 coupon (6/21 RP) and get back $3.49 RR = $1 profit
  • Suave Deodorant (2.6 or 6 oz) 25% off sale so $1.41 each ($1.89 regular price), buy 4 and get back $2 RR, buy 6 and get back $6 RR or buy 8 and get back $10 RR. Buy six and use six $0.50 coupons (5/17 RP) = $5.46 and get back $6 RR = $0.54 profit. Buy eight and use eight $0.50 coupons (5/17 RP) = $7.28 and get back $10 RR = $2.72 profit
  • Vitamin Sham/Cond (13 oz) $3.99, get back $3.99 RR = FREE *Look for bottles with a Try Me Free rebate on them = $3.99 profit
  • Spend $10, get back $5 RR. Includes Cheez Its (7.5 or 9oz) $2, Keebler Cookies (11.5 or 15 oz) $2, Cheez Its (4.5 oz) or Keebler Cookies (5.25 - 6 oz) $1, Rice Krispies Treats $2, Pop Tarts $2, Club Crackers/Sandies Pecan Shortbread $2.50, Fiber Plus Bars $2.50, Nutri-Grain Bars $2.50 and Special K Protein Bars or Shakes $5
Here is what I came up with for a scenario....try to stay with me, it's Follow the steps, don't skip any!

You will need 3 $1/1Gum Qs, 6 $1/2 Suave Deo Qs, 2 $1/2 PopTart Qs. (You can use 12 $.50/1 Suave Deo Qs but you'll need to buy a cheap filler 2 times in this scenario.)

*Buy the Gum Toothbrush for $3.49, use a $1/1 Q & Pay $2.49OOP, Get a $3.49RR(this will probably print as a $3.50RR)

*Buy a Vitamin Poo for $3.99, use the $3.50RR & Pay $.49OOP, Get a $3.99RR(this will probably print as a $4RR).

*Buy 6 Suave Deos for $8.46-3x$1/2Qs=$5.46, use $4RR & Pay $1.46OOP, Get a $6RR.

*Buy 1 Gum Tbrush & 1 Vitamin Poo for $7.48, use $1/1Gum Q=$6.48, use $6RR & Pay $.48OOP, Get a $4RR & a $3.50RR.

*Buy 8 Suave Deos for $11.28, use 3 $1/2Qs(11.28-3=$8.28), use both $4RR & $3.50RR & Pay $.78OOP, Get a $10RR.

*Buy 1 Gum Tbrush, 5 Pop Tarts($3.49+$10=13.49), use 2x $1/2 PTarts Q & $1/1 Gum Q(13.49-3=$10.49), use $10RR & Pay $.49OOP, Get $8.50RRs(3.50 & 5)

You now have....
14 Suave Deos
3 Gum Toothbrushes
2 Vitamin Poo
5 boxes Pop Tarts
That's $48.19 worth of products.
$8.50 in RRs($3.50/$5)
And you've spent $6.19 not including state sales tax & used 11 Qs.

Not exactly free(unless you count the RRs you now have)but pretty good.

What will you do with 14 Deodorants?
Hey, that's YOUR problem!lol

So can you come up with a better scenario? Let me know!


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  1. We can ship all the deos up to the poor folks in the Seattle area who are wilting in the heat and lack of a/c :)

    Seriously wish we had a Wags here!!


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