Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CVS Totals for 7/18-7/25

So after the visit Sat. the 18th to the CVS where you can get the current week's deals as well as the next week's deals(except that the next week's deals ECBs don't print!)that I talked about HERE, I made a quick trip to a different CVS last week.

2x Speed Stick Pro @$2.99=$5.98
2x Band-Aids @$3.29=$6.58
1x Duracell Batteries @$2.99=$2.99
1x CVS Pantiliners @.89¢
1x J&J Mini First Aid Kit @.99¢
SubTotal $17.43

Coupons Used
2x Speed Stick $1.50/1=$3.00
2x Band-Aids $1/1=$2.00
1x Duracell Batteries $1/1=$1.00
1x J&J Item $1/1=$1.00
Coupon Total $7.00

ECBs Used



Spent $10 ECBs.
Received $5 ECBs(for buying $10 in J&J items over the course of the week), $4 ECBs for 2 Speed Stick Deodorants, $1 ECB for Duracell Batteries, $.89 ECB for CVS Pantiliners=$10.89 ECBs

I didn't start out the week trying to get the $5 ECBS for the J&J items. I had bought 3 Mini 1st Aid Kits as I needed to get to $20 to use a CRT Q for $4/20 on Saturday and I had Qs to make the Kits free. I found 1 more Kit(free with another J&J Q)so I bought 2 Band-Aid boxes for $6.58($4.58 after 2 $1/1 Qs)to get over the $10 mark. So basically, all 4 Kits and the Band-aids were free with .42 Overage after the $5 ECBs.


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