Monday, July 20, 2009

Stinky Coupons here This Week

I would just like to go on the record as saying that my region got stinky coupons again this week.
1 insert.
20 coupons(6 are for diapers & baby wipes).
The previews listed 46 coupons.

No Spray n' Wash, no Mueller's Pasta, no Fiber One, no Betty Crocker, no Banquet, no General Mills, no White Cloud.
We got Diapers, Renuzit, Bic, Dannon & Tylenol.
Oh, and the ubiquitous Colgate.
We never get Electrasol or Finish or whatever-they-call-it-this-week....NEVER!
We always get high value Colgate.
Manufacturer's must think we have clean dishes already but never brush our teeth.

In addition to those 14 usable coupons(after the diaper ones), there were 2 Qs for the local regional grocery store-save $1 wyb $10 of produce & $2 wyb $20 of produce.
I don't buy trucked-in-from-1000-miles-away produce at the grocery store when the local farm stands are open in the summer & I have my garden, so not much help to me.
I do buy lemons though which don't grow around here, so I might use 1 of those Qs.

Oh, there were Quiznos Qs too.

If you got some good Qs, please PLEASE!-if you love me, don't tell me.
I may have to blind you by squirting toothpaste in your eye!

Off to work on my Meal Plan for the week....

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  1. no worries here - we got the same anemic insert you did :) bleh


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