Friday, October 25, 2019

Frugal Friday......the October 25th Edition

Here are the frugal wins of the past week here in Sluggy's World............

*  I received a prepaid Visa card for $12 from the Heartworm medication purchase for Dixie.........

*  I got the Weis Friday Freebie last week...............

A bottle of mustard.  Something we can always use here.

*  I found money!

A dime at Rite-Aid back by the pharmacy last Friday.....

Then a penny in the center aisle of R-A when I was walking up to the front registers.......

Then .11¢ tucked under the register counter.  .22¢ total at R-A on Friday.

Then it was off to Weis(PMITA)Markets for a weekly big shop on Friday and I spied this at a self check-out..............

Another penny.

On Sunday a rare trip to Walmart and I found this.............

a penny in the middle of the self-checkout area.  It was crazy busy and I had to dodge many people to secure this coin. lolz

Another trip to Rite-Aid on Tuesday for some Rx refills and I found this by the shopping cart corral........

A nice shiny penny.

Then on my trip to Aldi's I found an un-corralled shopping cart...........

So I got a free quarter!

*  A few other good deals........

$3.47 after Qs/rebates for these 3 items.

Then to Ocean State Job Lot........

Used my Crazy Deals gift card to buy 3 bags of coffee.  Cost me $1.19 OOP for all 3.

At Malacari's............

6 more pounds of bacon for $7.98 OOP.

3 Boxes of cereal at Rite-Aid......

Cost was $2.97 on a free gift card plus $2.10 back in Ibotta rebates so better than free!

And the Bread Outlet.............

$11.89 OOP for 10 packages of bread products.

* I got some free samples of products...............

I forgot to note this vitamin sample I got on the way home last week when I stopped at Walmart to stretch my legs.

And this sample of fabric softener sheets at Walmart this past week.

That's about it from around here.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?
Tell us all about it. 8-)



  1. Lots of change for you this week. The bacon is a great score.

  2. Free dinner yesterday--chopped bbq pork on a bun, baked beans, potato salad, mac n cheese. banana pudding and unsweetened tea and a free toothbrush when I stopped by my dentist office and asked for it.

  3. Sounds like a good week, Sluggy. You found a lot of coins this week! I found a nickle while I was pumping gas. I need to look around more and see if I can find more coins. :)

  4. I found enough money in pockets, purse, and DH's car for a soda at the rest stop. I know-way too expensive, but I as dragging. Not really found money since it was our own. I received some good coupons in the mail-one for a BOGO on a meal, which is better than normal since usually only a BOGO at 50% off. We'll save for November and our eating out days are done for October.

  5. My husband has been on a random cleaning spree this week and found a $30 visa rebate card I’d given up on. It’s now in my wallet instead of the paper pile mess.

    Too much free pizza in the new department and so tired of it (I know-first world problem) but stopped at a presentation and snatched some breadsticks. And yet another pizza day event next week. I’m in charge of ordering that one and will take home as many leftovers as I can carry. It can be free frozen pizza later.

    Jen G.

  6. I am so excited. I know I have been griping about the pittance of money I have found over this entire year. #9 whopping cents as of last week. This week I waled up to an unsecured cart all neat and pushed into the cart corral at Aldi's, so I scored a quarter there. Then I was upstairs doing a deep cleaning form when the band stayed here in June. I was straightening the cushions on the music room couch and found 73 cents. I guess one of the guests had shallow pockets. So now my yearly total is 1.37, a substantial increase!

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  8. I still feel good when I find coins; it still evokes a sensation of superstitious happiness is coming.

  9. Frugal ... My favorite store had 20% coupon on their meat and bulk items. I got some beef on sale to make chili (I made some beans last week) as well as some bulk items such as quinoa, dried cranberries and banana chips. The same store had kale on sale which I have washed, massaged and packaged up for smoothies. Went to Albertsons to get some cornbread mix (love Jiffy Cornbread) and they had a terrific sale on coffee. I'm pretty set for the week. There was some smoked sausage on clearance which I picked up a few and put them in the freezer. I can use those to make a cabbage soup. I still had some eggs from last week, so I hardboiled them for quick protein.

  10. I would love to go shopping with you one day!!


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