Sunday, October 13, 2019

Frugal Friday......the October 11th Edition--On Sunday

Here's the frugaliciousness that went on this past week in Sluggy's World.......

*  I went to Weis a week ago this past Friday............

The tissues were the Friday Freebie that week.  Of course I picked out a purple box. lol

The Celentano items were BOGOFree and I used a Q as well.
The Asian items were all on 50% clearance as was the Mrs. Renfroe's salsa.

* On Saturday Hubs and I attended the annual church auction we go to each year near our house.

We got lots of restaurant, gas and car services, and a grocery store gift cards/certificates to places we frequent/spend money anyway.  We also won a gift card to a new to us pub we wanted to try.
We don't bid on many "things" anymore but Hubs did win a metric ratchet set as he only has the US type.  I won a basket of home canned relishes/jellies and a Dr. Scholl's foot spa thing(got it dirt cheap).
I don't know how much we saved on the reg. retail of these gift cards/things but I'll figure that out when I get home.
We kept the spending on this under $250 too.  I budgeted $300 so that was a win in and of itself.

*  I found money!

This penny was found under the Weis self-checkout machine I used on Friday.

And this penny was found in Rite-Aid when I went to pick-up an Rx.

This is my new to me computer bag.  Hubs had 2 of his old computer bags from work in the donate pile.  I asked Ex-CB if he could use one so he took the nicer one.  I also needed a better computer bag so I took this one that was left.
When I got to Ocean City and started unpacking my machine I heard a jingling noise in the pocket.

This .68¢ in change was in that pocket.  Hubs was going to unknowingly throw away this money!
It's a good thing I rescued that bag and this cash, right?

It also put me .68¢ ahead in the Found Money competition with Kim while in OC.
Kim was fit to be tied! lolz

I didn't find any more money until the end of our time in OC.  After Sissie went home Kim and I joined forces and had 'fun our way" and ended up splitting $1.64 in found change on Wednesday. 8-)))

Also on Wednesday I found 1¢ at Ollie's(the shiny one)and another 1¢ on the wooden walkway over the dune to the beach on Assateague Island(the sand encrusted one).
All together I am $1.54 richer for the week. ;-)

*  I got a good deal on the hotel room in Ocean City.  October is the off season but it's still really warm(I think it hit 80 degrees one day while we were there), the rates are about 1/4 of what they charge for an oceanfront balcony room and best of all, NO tourists!!!  You would know what a blessing this is if you have ever been to OC during the high season. lolz

                                The view from our balcony.

The room was a suite with a sofa bed, chair and tv in the sitting area and had a full kitchen.  We brought some groceries and hit a grocery store for more food so we didn't have to pay the outrageous OC prices at restaurants there(unless we wanted to).  The hotel had an indoor pool and a hot tub which we availed ourselves of most nights.
And we split the cost of the room 3 ways so it was quite affordable for everyone.

*  We hit the outlets.
Hubs and Ex-CB both wanted me to get them some shoes if I found good deals.  I found Hubs some Converse but they only had one pair in his size and they were running a BOGO50% sale there.

So I was forced to buy myself these awesome Crocs at that store and they were 50% off. ;-)

*  While stopping at Mickey D's to get Kim a Diet Coke on Wednesday I spied an old newspaper in an abandoned high chair in the dining room there.

There was a coupon insert in the bowels of that paper.  I took the insert since no one was there and the newspaper was abandoned.
A free Q insert?
Yes, please!

*  I received $1(for the Celentano items)in my Ibotta account last week.

*  I sold 2 items on eBay and shipped them out(well Hubs shipped one out for me)before going to OC.

This out of production afghan throw from the late 1990's.....I accepted an offer of $30 on it.

And this pair of new in the box, long discontinued style skater shoes, I listed at $125 and accepted an offer of $100 on.

Back in 2009 I hit a really good clearance sale on 6pm dotcom and bought Ex-College Boy 5 pairs of this color/style skate shoe in various sizes as his feet were still growing(as well as the rest of him).
When I dug out his old closet I found this pair that he never wore(I guess he got tired of this style/color after awhile lol)so I reclaimed them and put them on eBay.  This is a high end skate shoe company, the style was discontinued/retired years ago and they had been endorsed by an old skating pro so I knew I could sell them and make a few dollars.
The best part was I had only paid $10 for them on clearance so $100 was a really nice profit and one more thing outta my house!! 8-)))

That's all from here for the week.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Let us know!



  1. You and Kim sure sounded like you had fun. And you two are big money magnets . . . I sure would like to know how you found $1.61 so easily.

  2. My hubby keeps his head down and is always finding change on the ground, too. I would have bought those groovy crocks, too!

  3. I am glad you had a good time away. I love the crocs.

  4. I still prescribe to the notion finding coins - especially pennies - are good luck.

  5. What a great deal on selling the skater shoes. I love a win like that. Junk out of your house, money in your pocket!

  6. I keep track of all the ways I save money or find money in a small dollar store calendar booklet. I have been doing it since Jan. 1st of this year and can't believe how much I save on our groceries and just by being a homemaker. With my health challenges working is out of the question so this has been a good exercise for me in seeing just how this all helps. Funny thing is I have been doing these things for so long they are just second nature.
    Take care.

  7. In my defense the money in the bag should not be counted as it came from her home.

    1. Yes it came from home but it was not discovered until I got to OC and Hubs says so. Actually he wanted it back but I said no way!....he abandoned those bags so it's mine.
      Plus I can't go back in time to the previous week to count the $$ when I was home the week before.

      Kim just won't let this go....lolz


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