Friday, September 13, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the September 13th Edition

Frugal Friday is also Friday the 13th this week.
Grab a drink and a chair because this week's FF is long....Oh boy!!!

Here's what frugalisciousness happened this past week..........

* Here's what I bought at Rite-Aid last Friday, "the week of free toothpaste/toothbrushes/mouth wash and marshmallow/chocolates".........

The Crest toothpaste and candy were all free after Qs and Bonus Cash.

I also cashed in a rain check from 2018 for Hello toothpaste.  With that rain check it was free(as it was from a Buy for $5/Get $5 BC back deal).  In addition, if you bought 2 this past week you got $5 BC back(a new Deal)so those two tubes cost me nothing and gave me $5 BC back.
Sweet. 8-)

*  I made a rare trip to Target and used some of that $300 Target gift card I bought last November...........

$3.15 for the chicken w/a $3 off sticker
$1.59 for a Stubb's bbq sauce(50% off cartwheel)
$2.16 for 2 jars of clearance peanut butter
$7.00 for 3 boxes of granola bars(I used a .50¢/2 ManuQ)
Came to 13.90 and I deducted the 10% discount I received when I purchased the gift card so $12.51 total to add to my grocery tally for September.

*  Those nature Valley granola bars are also part of the gift card deal at Target too.......

Buy 3 participating General Mills items and get a $5 Target gift card.
Go HERE for details.  This offer runs through 1/14/20.

*  I found money!

Last Friday at Weis this penny was found by one of the self-checkout registers.

These three pennies were found in three different parts of my Rite-Aid store--1 by register #1, 1 by register #2 and 1 in the foyer area as I was leaving the store.
They all found a good home here with me at Chez Sluggy.

This dime was found in my local Shursave Market past the registers by the exit door.  FDR left the building in my pocket......

Then I found this $2 in the dryer............

Any money found in the washer/dryer reverts to me per Sluggy House Rules. 8-))
$2.14 into my Found Money envie.  8-)))

*  Here are some good deals I found at Weis(PMITA)Markets last Friday........

Everything in the photo but the sugar was 50% off on clearance.
The sugar is a new hybrid(50% white sugar/50% brown sugar)they call "Golden Sugar".  After a .75¢/1 doubled to $1.50/1 Domino Q it cost me .50¢ OOP.

I got 2 more 4 packs of tuna($2.99)and 3 more large cans of chicken breast(.75¢ each)except the cashier who pulled my cart over to the self-checkout and was ringing everything up for me was going so fast one of the cans didn't register so I ended up only paying for 2 cans of this. ;-)
They also have tins of anchovies(pizza and Caesar salad here I come!)for $1 each so I got 4 and a Salted Caramel Brownie mix for $1.29 each.  Ex-College Boy will go wild for those!

Along with everything else I bought on that trip, my total came to $35.18 OOP.
But I used this..........

A $15 prepaid card earned back in March at Rite-Aid that expires the end of September to pay for some of this transaction so my OOP was $20.18 at Weis.  The regular retail on everything on that trip would have been $98.10 if I had paid shelf price there. 

*  I got the Freebie last Friday at Weis......

Weis brand dipping sauce so I selected a bottle of  "Yum Yum" sauce.  Totally Free.

*  I received $7.44 in Ibotta rebates(.20¢, .25¢ and $6.99 for a 3/17/19 hotel stay-which I had to bitch about to finally get it to credit!)and $1 in a SavingStar rebate(Farm Rich frozen item).

*  I continue to pick tomatoes(cukes are done, and I'm getting teeny tiny broccoli heads still)in mass.

This isn't the current batch because I didn't take a photo before throwing them into the freezer but it's representative. lolz
I am up to 20.209 pounds of tomatoes harvested.  Besides canning them we've been eating them fresh in BLTs and salads or just sliced on a plate with a bit of salt sprinkled on them.
We grew Cherokee Purples among the varieties this year and they are so good eaten fresh!
Paying retail in the grocery store for 20 lbs. of tomatoes is OBSCENE for what they would charge for a tomato that tastes terrible.  I will miss "real" tomatoes when they are done for the year.  8-(((

*  On Labor Day I found a deal where 3 coupon codes stacked(2 Labor Day codes + a Spend $25/Get $10 off code).
Some housewares were on sale and there was no shipping if you picked up at the store.  Of course 4 of the items weren't in stock at my store so I had to have them shipped to the store so I couldn't pick it all up until THIS week and show it to y'all.

Sorry for the crap poor photo but I haven't had time to take it all out and arrange it nicely for a picture. lolz
It's 6 pillows, 8 bath sheets and 4 hand towels.
The 8 bath sheets were ordered in a separate transaction from the rest so I could use that $10 wyspend $25 coupon code twice.
8 bath sheets on sale for $3.99(reg. $9.99)
I got $19.51 in discounts so with .74¢ sales tax all 8 cost me $13.15 OOP.

Then I ordered the 6 pillows and 4 hand towels separately.
Pillows were $3.99(reg. $9.99)and hand towels were $2.99(reg. $7.99), subtotal of $35.90.
I got $20.94 in discounts so with .90¢ sales tax all 10 items cost me $15.86 OOP.
Total OOP with tax was $29.01 for everything.
Reg. retail of $171.82 so I am good with spending under $30 for new pillows for all the beds and a complete set of towels in FABULOUS colors. lolz

And I got some change back(something like .22¢ lolz) from ordering through ShopAtHome website.
I guess when you don't spend much you don't get much in a rebate. ;-)

That's it from here this week.

What frugal wins did y'all have this week?
Tell us all about them!



  1. You have a been a busy girl. Love purple and green together.

  2. Congrats on your pillow/linen/towel deals! Outstanding!
    I am not trying to save any money right now. All I want is some time!

  3. There were a few sale items at Kroger that also had an Ibotta rebate. I had a 20 percent off coupon at Lucky’s but not much on sale that I buy so only spent $21 there. Not a very exciting week around here.

    Jen G.


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