Friday, May 10, 2019

Frugal Friday......the May 10th Edition

Taking a look around Chez Sluggy here are the frugal wins I see............

*  I sent my $15 rebate stuff in.............

Copied and mailed it all in early in the week so let's see how long this one takes.

*  I got these in the mail this past week..........

I sent away for 2 $100 Lowe's gift cards using credit card points and they arrived this week.
$200 of free money to work on home projects this Summer?  Yes, please!

*  Tuesday we hit the garden nursery we like..........

I bought a flat of plants....3/4 of which were veggies-cucumber, squash, broccoli, cauliflower and 4 different tomato varieties-Brandywine(like a beefsteak), Cherokee purple, Amish paste and an Early something.  2 tomato varieties for eating fresh and two for canning.
Spend a little on plants to have fresh veggies this Summer.

The back bed is all planted now.  Once the rain clears out early next week the few tomato plants in the front bed will go in.

*  When we were out on Tuesday we hit the Amish Grocery Outlet....

I picked up some deals plus bottled water and sparkling seltzer.  The mac and cheese cups were .50¢ for 2 cup packs so I got a couple for Ex-College Boy.  The chili beans were .39¢ a can and the family loves them in the chili I make.  The taters and meal kits are for Hubs to make when I am not cooking.

I got lots of other things not pictured like cornbread mix, Asian sauces, fresh blueberries and strawberries, roasted red pepper cream cheese, eggs for .59¢ a dozen, etc.
I didn't go looking for any frozen foods but I had to get these.............

2 x Smithfield frozen mesquite pork loins.  They were 1.7 lbs. each and cost $2.19! That's less than .10¢ an ounce for meat!
If my brother and his wife do come for Daughter's graduation next week I'll serve these up for a meal then.  If not they'll stay in the freezer for awhile. ;-)

*  I used my Rite-Aid Bonus Cash Gas Reward to fill my car..........

6.669 gallons for free, thank you Rite-Aid!  I shouldn't have to get anymore gas for my car in May now.
I have another one of these cards to use before June is over.

*  I got the Weis(PMITA)Markets Friday Freebie last Friday........

A packet of Free taco seasoning.  Not something I use(too much salt!)but if the men folk will be cooking for themselves soon they will need it.....well, Hubs will need it as he can open a packet but he won't look up a recipe and make his own seasoning for tacos. lolz

*  I did hit Rite-Aid on Wednesday and picked this up.............

2 x Softsoap hand soap w/20% Wellness Discount(better than the sale price)=$5.42
I used a $1/2 ManuQ from the Sunday inserts and 2 x $2/1 In-Ad RAQ so $5 off.
.42¢ + .03¢ sales tax=.45¢ OOP paid with Bonus Cash.

*  I found money this week!

.25¢ in the washing machine from an unknown person's pants.

And I found this .02¢ in the drive-thru line at McDonald's when I went to get a $1 drink on a day out.
It was lunch rush so the line was so slow I could stop the car, undo the seat belt, open the door, get out and snag the money and get back in before the line moved again. lolz

That's about it from here.

Any frugal wins at your place this week?
Tell us all about it. 8-)))



  1. The Lowes cards are fantastic! All our credit card rewards go to Air fares. It will be nice to fly free to Portland but it would also be nice to have free cash for garden supplies.

  2. The pork loins are some of our favorites. They grill so quick and flavorful, and leftovers make the nicest sandwiches. DH has a bunch of VISA rewards. We haven't yet earmarked them for anything, but it will feel like getting at least one of our projects for free or discounted.

  3. Just made a free toy for the dog. Paper bag plus carrot bits, treat and a dental stick equals party time! It left a little mess but so worth it for the entertainment.

    Other than that just went to work all week. I may actually be more boring than Sluggy. ;)

    Jen G.

  4. I'm so jealous about the "freebie Friday's" it seems like everyone but we get :( I did get a free scent booster from Sam's yesterday - yay? Also jealous of the pork loin price - that is unheard of here - the cheapest you can get them is $7.99 on a good sale


  5. I do the same thing at Msd's it drives Hubs crazy. Did your daughter send out announcements? I would like one. I send money for announcements.

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  7. Very nice frugal savings as usual! I too have some Lowe's Gift cards that I bought at discount this past Christmas. Hubby is really enjoying using the $400. worth.


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