Friday, November 2, 2018

Frugal Friday...........the November 2nd Edition

Let's see what frugalisciousness went on at Chez Sluggy this week...........

* I found more change last weekend while we were out shopping!

1¢ in the Ollie's parking lot and 1¢ in the Rite-Aid parking lot.  At this rate, if I live to be 250 years old I may amass a million dollars. lolz

I almost didn't get the penny at Ollie's.....there was only one checkout open and a very long line and I had spied the penny waaaay ahead.  They opened a second checkout which we were shunted over to so I couldn't just get to the penny and surreptitiously pick it up.  After we checked out I had to walk back up the first checkout line and bend over in front of everyone and pick it up. I have no shame evidently,....Kim is rubbing off on me. lolz

*  I am still harvesting garden goodies!

Everything is dead out there except my oregano as we haven't had a good,, hard frost yet.  Here is what I've dried so far in a quart jar.  I doubt if I'll get this jar filled up but I'll be picking/stripping/drying some more oregano this weekend.

*  I earned $17.38 in cash rebates this past week.
$13.38 on Ibotta(including $3.50 in bonuses)and $4 on SavingStar.(I've pretty much given up on Checkout51.)

*  I got the Weis Freebie last Friday.........

Or rather I sent Hubs to get it.  A free whipped topping aka fake whipped cream.  I prefer the real stuff but Ex-College Boy will be more than happy to put this on his pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving.  8-)

*  Last weekend at Walmart I happened upon 5 items of garden food for $1 each.

It's all tucked away in the shed until Spring and will save me lots getting the garden going next season.

*   While we were in New England somewhere, our mailbox at home was run over and demolished.......

A neighbor's pick-up truck was idling in his driveway, the gear somehow slipped into neutral and his truck rolled down said driveway into the road, crossed the road, went between our street sign and a tree on our property, collided with our mailbox, swerved and just missed Hubs car(which we had gotten back just before leaving on this trip from the accident our son had with it)then crossed our street and hit the large pine tree on another neighbor's property across our street and next to the neighbor directly across from us.

So after Hubs and Kim's Hubby tried to fix the post(it didn't work), Hubs went and got a new mailbox and post and put installed it all.
The neighbor responsible for the carnage has a bad back so he couldn't help to do the work.

Said neighbor came over this past week and paid for the new mailbox.......

This will go right into the bank to cover those costs on our credit card this month.
And then said neighbor gave Hubs this...........

A $50 gift card because he couldn't help do the work and as an apology for being a bad neighbor. ;-)

Ok, that's about it this week other than the usual frugal stuff we do every week.

Tell us about the frugal wins  you had this past week?



  1. My mailbox is just about toast. I would not mind if the neighbor hit it and bought a replacement!
    You always practice thrift so instead of saying great job I feel like I just need to say ditto.

  2. How kind of your neighbor to make things right. You're lucky!

    Frugal this week? Made hubby's b-day cake instead of buying one. Daughter wore an old Halloween costume instead of buying anything new. Three of us hit up two Taco Bells for free tacos on Thursday. Got a killer deal on Ziploc containers, ended up at big money maker after coupons and rebates. Came up with a last minute b-day gift for a girl friend (not girlfriend ;) for my son-shower gels from my Bath and Body Works hoard,leftover Halloween candy and a .50 card from my emergency stash. Son also bought football playoff tickets at school instead of at the gate, saved me $4. Small wins add up!

  3. See I am a good influence in your life. I found12 cents so I am still ahead. Yuck, yuck :)s

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  5. You have a very honest neighbor. You are very lucky!

  6. I think your neighbor is great. They paid for the mailbox and gave you a GC. Glad no one was hurt. I am going to have to check out my Walmart. That is an amazing price for the plant food.

  7. I'm so sorry about your mail box!
    and bad neighbors have to pay up? cra%!

  8. Hat's off to your neighbor, he did the right thing following this incident. Penny S.

  9. Free lunch provided at a work event. And it was actually good!

    $4 Booritos at Chipotle if you wore a costume on Halloween so had to stop by for one. They're huge so had some for dinner and lunch the next day.

    Jen G.

  10. Sounds like a pretty good neighbor to me, pays for fixing it plus a GC :) Even though he couldn't help obviously he felt now you have a one off (just in case one of you does something by accident) in your back pocket


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