Thursday, January 18, 2018

Winter Wonderland

Except for the two days of 55F+ weather last weekend, it's been cold, colder, coldest here 24/7.
This morning it was -2F(not wind chill temp mind you, REGULAR TEMP!).

But this guy here, he don't care!
Chester is enjoying marking the snow and romping through the drifts like a porpoise.....until his paws get cold then he wants in!

We got a bit more than expected.....say, about 4-5 inches more than expected. lolz

The sun came out yesterday as we were shoveling out.  I caught the sun peeking through the clouds and the branches of the snow covered trees by my garden bench.

  A couple of shots of the giant pine tree where Chester does his "business".......

I didn't leave the house from last Thursday until yesterday.....well I went outside but didn't go anywhere in the car.

I've been watching Wrestlemania bouts in the den.  Daughter's dog lays down and Chester crawls all over her and they play for 30 minutes at a clip.

I received this in the mail earlier this month..........

It's a thank you card from my December Giveaway Box winner.
Often times I'll get a thank you email from a winner letting me know the box got there ok(and sometimes I have to nag the winner to let me know)lol.
This is the first winner who sent me a real honest to goodness snail mail card!  I was shocked and touched to get it.  8-)))

6 days and no shopping or errands for this gal.
This means we'll be going out today for meds, hit the bread store, Walmart(maybe)and..........

a free Birthday Burger at Red Robin!
Yep, Sunday is my birthday.  Time to cash in those Birthday Freebies!
Too bad nobody hands out free birthday trips to Cancun or magnums of Champagne tho........8-)

What's going on in your life lately?



  1. Happy Birthday Sluggy! Chester is such a cutie pie, love the picture of the dogs playing

  2. Love that puppy. And Happy Birthday my friend.

  3. Well, Happy Birthday!!!! I'll embarrass you good on FB on your actual birthday...
    Sorry you're getting hit with snow. We've hit a warm patch and I hope to see pavement soon.

  4. We had sub-freezing temps and ice here down south. Schools were closed for two days. Going back tomorrow and then the weekend! Woo!

  5. Happy Birthday Sluggy!!!! Hope you enjoy the weekend.


  6. All of those "no spend" days really help the chequing account :) That is unless you're doing some online shopping!

  7. You are too funny! My birthday is Tues., a fellow Aquarius. (Aquariun?) I got a 5$ postcard in the mail from our very small pharmacy. I bought myself a small box of chocolates for 4.99. After sharing with my husband, I have a few left for tomorrow. I’d like a magnum of something, too. I’m not too fussy.

  8. Darn it! I almost sent you a thank you card but thought it might be weird retrieving the address from the package.

    Jen G.


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