Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What Sluggy Got For Christmas

I didn't ask for much from Santa(Hubs)as I don't really want much.
Here is what Sluggy got for Christmas..........

I asked for the Salt Lamp and the chocolate covered cashews(had to tell Hubs where exactly the cashews were(what shelf and aisle)in Rite-Aid otherwise I don't know WHAT he would have bought! lol
He put a bunch of cheap crap in my stocking(a dreidel game from the $ store??....really?lolz)but also a $50 Visa card.  I can use that for sure.
The eldest gave me pine scented body lotion and a small box of chocolates.  The other kids didn't give me anything but then again, they are broke college students. ;-)

About a week before Xmas I received a package with one of Lorraine's hand painted rocks in it. 8-)

Then on the Friday after Xmas the UPS man showed up with a package from Kim........

With her famous Pepperkrakke..........

Handmade Caramels and a DYI kit of some wax treated fabric(for making leftover covers for containers??).  She enclosed a finished one to show me how to finish them off.

For a laugh I posted on Kim's facebook a photo of me in the shower cap she sent me but she's been too busy with life to see it there so I am putting it here. lololz

The "real" gift this Christmas was having all my kids home for the holiday for the first time in three years.  Now that was the best gift ever!  8-)))



  1. That is a cute little shower cap for your bowls. Maybe you will have all three children home more often from now on.

  2. Merry Christmas!!! My kids all remembered me this year, and it wasn't just a potato bank or a quick note written on a napkin! They put some thought into it. I guess it helps when my youngest asks to borrow the bank card...
    I have GOT to find those chocolate covered cashews!!! YUMMO! THey sound good...

    1. I think Dollar General carries something like this too.

  3. I am sorry we were all sick here and I think you look great kinda like old mother Hubbard, I would look like young mother Hubbard in that hat.

  4. I so agree about the true Christmas gift. It may never happen here again where everyone is together on the holiday so I cherished their gift of time!

  5. How nice to have the whole family together for the holiday. That really is the best gift of all. :-)

  6. How neat, Sluggy. I'm glad you had such a nice christmas. Feel free to share the chocolate covered cashews with us, lol. :)

  7. Chocolate cashews!! This is the first time that I have ever heard of chocolate cashews and I love chocolate and cashews. Where have they been all of my life! Will look for them the next time that I "travel" the 35+ miles to my nearest rite aid, cvs or walgreen's or Walmart. Penny S.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! :)


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