Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My Goals in 2018...Not 18 Though

Everyone and their brother seems to be doing an "18 Goals in 2018" deal.  For the life of me I can't come up with 18 Goals but here are the areas I want to concentrate on this year so far.......

*  Sewing-I want to get 5 sewing projects completed.  I have identified 2 of them.....1 is finishing some canvas tote bags.  I bought canvas and webbing many many years ago to make tote bags.  It's sitting by the bedroom door staring at me every time I go in that room so they need to get made.
2 is to make a table runner for the top of my new dining room buffet.  I had Fall and Christmas ones but now it's nekkid.  For now I've got a quilted hexagonal topper on it that was gifted to me on the road trip this past Summer.
I've got quite a few pieces of batik cotton fabrics so I am going to make a table runner(or buffet runner rather).

*  Continue to drop some weight.  I've gotten back into some bad eating habits(it's Winter and the only thing I want to eat is comfort food)so I need to make it a point to keep the comfort foods to a minimum now and get back to more veggie eating.  I really don't want to eat salad when it's -2F outside but I can roast root veggies, right?

*  Cull more of my toiletries stockpile.  This shouldn't be too difficult a goal but will take most of the year to make a big change in what I have.  I have already started--I spent last Monday in the toiletries stockpile stored in Hubs man cave/the spare room.  I went through every Rubbermaid tub(and all the stuff from the last 3 months of 2017 that hadn't made it into the tubs yet)and made decisions about every single item.  Some things already got pitched, other things got separated into either a food bank pile or a "fill a year's worth of Giveaway boxes" pile or give to relatives during 2018 when we see them.  With the next system at Rite-Aid I don't foresee me pillaging there as much so once my Plenti Points are used up I won't be bringing home as much goodies as before.

*  Make a new Passwords/Log In Book and a new Address Book.  I keep a small spiral bound notebook with all my computer account information.  It, along with my physical address book are so old and out of date and have so many items scratched out it's getting hard to find the current information in them.  I picked up a new spiral bound notebook so I need to cull all the current info and copy it into the new notebook.  I also need to find a new address book that doesn't cost much money and put all the current addys/phone numbers into it.

*  Deal with the house in Louisiana.  Now Daughter says she may move back to NW Lousiana/NE Texas.  Her BF got a raise and a promotion and it looks like he's going to stay at his current employer long term so once she gets her degree so now we are thinking about keeping the house for them to rent from us.  We are going to have to dump money into this house to get it sold otherwise.(BF and his father redid HALF the kitchen when Daughter owned the house and now this is the main reason we aren't getting offers on it because nobody wants a half done kitchen. lol)  So we keep and rent it out in a year to Daughter and BF(on the condition they don't move his parents back in with them and 9 cats)or we finish fixing it up and move into the house ourselves once we sell the house in PA.
We at least need to make a decision on the LA house this year and start implementing a plan.

*  Sell more stuff.  I got a few things sold on eBay and through the local Yard Sale site  in 2017.  I just need to ramp that up more and get a minimum of 4 Rubbermaid tubs of items sold.  I also need to earmark what I make from those sales toward something.  At this point I am thinking of putting it toward work on the PA house.  Which leads into the next goal...........

*  Start putting together a punch list of things to address in the PA house in preparation for putting it on the market after next Spring once Daughter graduates.  We still need to figure out where we are going to live once we leave here but we need to start the plan for getting this house ready to sell. sigh.

*  I need to put all my genealogy stuff into a family tree software program.  Other than the few things I have printed off and stored in my computer my extensive family tree is on Ancestry dotcom.  I don't like that if they ever go away(not likely to happen as they make money hand over fist with that site)or for some reason I can't access the site I don't have most of my info.  If anyone out there does genealogy and uses a family tree software program that you like, let me know about it.  Thanks!

*  Other areas we need to ponder are gardening and traveling.  Not sure yet what is going to happen in those arenas for 2018 as it's still early.

That's all I have so far.  I'll keep pondering goals to add.

Have you got any lofty goals to accomplish in 2018.
Tell us about it, won't you?



  1. Here are my plans for 2018:
    Plans for 2018

    1. Learn to make Sourdough Bread.

    2. Learn to make something with Butternut Squash. (Mostly this means learning how to get into it.)

    3. Make 2 Scrap Quilts and 1 from new material.

    4. Read 52 books

    5. Trips:
    A. Big Bend National Park
    B. National Butterfly Center
    C. National Gallery
    D. Pawhuska, OK to see PW’s Merc

    6. Home Improvements
    A. New Stovetop
    B. New living room furniture

    7. Expand Butterfly garden

    8. Work on Political campaigns for House and Senate

    9. Self Improvement
    None. I’m fine.

  2. I even started a book to record progress on four main goals that I will not reveal until 2019. The reason I am not telling what I have planned--one of the goals involves plans I do not wish to reveal to anyone because it is a Christmas gift. one goal may not happen. I do not want flack for not accomplishing what I want to do and the others I want to do.

  3. I know deep in my heart there are at least 18 goals I should have this year, but for the life of me I can't think of that many commitments I want to make. (keep)

  4. Family Tree Maker 2017 will sync with your Ancestry tree and save all the media onto your computer.

  5. I will be starting the Scale Back Alabama weight loss program on Monday. I have to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. That's the only thing I can think of besides continuing to paint more rocks. I only have one more commission to do and then I'm painting for myself for a while. I want to try a portrait of my mother and one of our 20 year old cat that died last year. Regarding your password book, be careful when transferring the info. One small mistake can mess you up. Keep the original in a safe place as a backup.

  6. It sounds like you will be busy with the goals listed. I have things to get done, but when I post the goals and don't accomplish them all, I feel like I let myself down.

  7. My goals are not very lofty, but here goes:
    1. Read 3 books a month and one must be non-fiction.
    2. Drink more water. My son introduced me to some flavoring with 0 calories and the flavoring makes it more palatable for me.
    3. Get back on my exercising 3 times a week after having been down and out with the flu.

    1. I use peppermint or other essential oils in my water - only takes a drop or two

  8. My goals are simple cause simple is good!
    1. Add another pose to my yoga routine. ‘Routine’ is a strong term; it’s really several stretches geared toward my bad back. But, they help tremendously! My pain level has held steady for several years so i’m not messing with success!
    2. Keep track of the expenses and spend as little as possible on bills and food. We need to up our game where house upgrades are concerned. My husband is in construction but the last thing he wants to do when he gets home is work on ours. (boo...) Although, it’s a young mans game so I get it. (We are not young, anymore.)
    3. Lighten up, for God’s sake! Laugh more and enjoy life! Sing and dance! (No, not sing and dance!) You get the idea. I’m over 60, now. It IS all about me, sometimes! (Okay, once in awhile..)
    4. Read more!! Real books!! Decent newspapers!! (When I can find them!)
    5. Last, but not least, I want to do more hand work, embroidery, hand quilting. It’s been too long.
    That is all. I’m happy to say, i’ve started all of them. Finally!

  9. Other than my financial goals?? Okay.. here they are
    1. Read 1-2 per month
    2. Finish 2 cross stitch projects
    3. Get Connected in a new church
    4. Learn to say no to Buttercup
    5. Blog at least 3 times a week.

  10. I couldn't think of 18 goals either (although I'm sure I have much I could work on). I stopped at 15 and the majority are financial goals!

  11. How about in-paws and just 8 cats? or 7?


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